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this is a first only encounter for me. i was with a guy of unknown status. he initially tried to put the condom on himself the wrong way. after it was fixed, i did not notice or feel any precum on it but i can not be 100% sure. i then performed oral on him for a few mins. after oral, we did anal but he absolutely did not finish as i freaked out and stopped after a very short time. if there was any precum on the condom, would giving oral before anal minimize my risk of hiv if he was indeed pos. my mouth is healthy and i had no sores, or bleeding cuts, etc. im just worried that we did have anal and there might have been precum exposure. i have been told that i have nothing to worry in regards to HIV bc the risk is minimal to none. but risk is still risk. i plan to be tested for everything anyway, but any insight would be appreciated. I'm really just freaking out over the HIV thing.
[QUOTE=nervousnelly123;4849092]I appreciate your reply. essentially i was asking if precum on the outside of a condom could infect me during sex. I understand that transmission happens inside the body, but could the precum (outside the body on the condom) pose a threat to me once its inside my body.[/QUOTE]

i would say that is very highly unlikely to happen
for a few reasons
because the precum came in contact with air that would kill
the virus
and also the precum will not contain a large enogh amount of hiv
in the first place,it is not as nearly as infectous as blood is.

so your answer would be no

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