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[QUOTE=Bobby J;4880767]So I should stop thinking I have HIV and continue my life?
What about the symptoms? There are real.[/QUOTE]

here are the facts
the symptoms of a hiv infection are mimicked by many different things.
we know that nobody has ever been proven to be infected thru
oral sex.
you will not be the first this has happened to.

so because of these facts
we know that what you have is not hiv related at all.
it could be one of many different things and the only way to figuring it
all out is by testing with a doctor.
some std's can be aquired thru simple skin contact like hpv
hiv is not easy to catch,certian conditions need to happen
you simply did not put your self at a risk for hiv.
they know how people get infected with it today
there is no mystery about it.
the many opinions you read on the internet will make you think otherwise...

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