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[QUOTE=popadelic;4893064]Then what could possibly cause me to feel nausea.. Feel like vomitting.. diarrhea.. Swollen lymph nodes .. Feeling tired although had sleep for 10 hours....[/QUOTE]

it could be one of a hunderd or more possible things.
the one thing we know it isn't is hiv by the non risk you had.
there are no miracle infections
the way people get hiv is well known today.

the only way to narrow it down and figure it out is
working with a doctor and getting tested for different stuff.
untill you do that,
you might as well go rub a crystal ball
and tell me the future!
No, no, no.. It didn't happen. HIV dosnt work like that, it's not magic I'm afraid. A stingy arm pit..related to HIV nope, sorry.

My last post on this. You didn't have a risk, that's not a debate it's a fact. You might be I'll, so go to a doctor to check checked out. You have made your mind up, so I don't see why you continue to post, as you don't listen to any advice you ask for.
Get tested, get your negative results and when you read back on this read you will see what we have said and understand why wearing a condom is not a risk.
Buddy a non reactive elisa ab test[I] is[/I] a (negative) HIV test. You have tested negative. Therefore every single "symptom" you have put down to HIV are not related to HIV in any shape, form or manner.

And given the fact that you had a nonexistent exposure, you were simply testing for peace of mind. If you wish to keep testing for peace of mind, you will naturally continue to get negative results. If this is your preferred course of action, rather than simple moving on please do yourself a huge favour, get off the net, stop goggling HIV symptoms and stop symptom chasing. As must be pretty obvious to you now, symptoms do not determine an HIV status, no matter how many or how few.

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