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[QUOTE=BrendanSJ;4903777]See, I'm going to test but I need to wait 2 more weeks (for the six week mark) and the wait is killing me... Do I need to wait 6 weeks to test or is 4 and a half - five reasonable? Also the node swelling has gone down considerably in my neck after about 2 days... Does that mean it's nothing serious?[/QUOTE]

If you say that you're experiencing these symptoms then you should get checked out for piece of mind. Did you not read my post? I was experiencing way more symptoms than you and got checked immediately. There's nothing magical about 6 weeks as oppose to 4 weeks. It's either you have it or don't. Once you have developed symptoms your body is responding to something.

I was advise by a physician that 2-3 weeks is common for Most people who are infected and 6 weeks is recommended. All people are different, if you're using IV drugs, under going chemo or have participated in an HIV vaccine program then they would show up much later than the 2-3 week time frame. The procedure I had done was blood work for AB/AG and P24. If I were infected they would have reacted in the test, thank goodness I'm okay. If you're infected and have been exposed then the test don't lie... Once it happens your cells in your blood will tell the truth.

I tested after 25 days for the combo blood work and recommended at the clinic was 17 days. The clinic even said, once you're infected it doesn't really matter how long unless I'm a heavy IV drug user, undergoing chemo and/or participated in HiV vaccine testing treatments which I am not.

I honestly think you should go in ASAP and go back in 2 weeks, 3 months and 6. I know I am because I'm neurotic like that and can't settle for negative results, but each negative you get is reassuring in itself until that 6 month mark then I can lay it to rest.

I wish you the best of luck!!!

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