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Jan 20, 2012
Hello, I believe I'm at risk of contracting HIV and here's why-

I'm a sexually active 23-year-old male. In April I had sexual relations with someone whom I would consider to be a very high risk individual (has slept with many men)

I'm just not sure and am going crazy thinking I might be infected. The internet is not much better as almost (most) symptoms are similar to a common cold other than the 'rash' 'swollon glands' and 'vomitting' non of whitch I have. I'm extremely healthy 23-year-old, very active, and have had pain in my hands and wrist,. this could be attributed to the nasty cold temp here and then up and down weather. I also sort of upped my workout to higher weights.

Am I overracting here? I mean, all the sites say it takes atleast 2-6 weeks for symptoms to appear not 3 days. I've had no rash. No swollon glads although it does feel like my throat is swollon inside, minor pain under ears but I know glands well as I had a previous scare regarding swollon glands over a year ago, so I know how to check and where the are. I am experiencing minor jaw pain but am known to grind my teeth at night expecially when worried like I've been for the past few days. So worried to the point, and I mean no disrespect to those who suffer, but thinking of taking my life. The thought came up. Am I overreacting here? I'm terriefied and just want to make these 6 weeks and have no symtoms. I did a real dumb thing and I'll sure as heck never do it, again. On the plus side, I was somewhat ignorant to the virus before not knowing and assuming certain things. I guess its better to be educated now than prior. Please any help would do, and getting tested wouldnt be a great option for me now, as I'm 2 weeks and 1 day in from Exposure date (Possible- I don't know him well, have talked since and he said hes great).

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