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I have posted before about this & am still very paranoid. I'm a 25 yr old male (uncircumcised) & last I had sex was in July 2011, was only with 2 women that year, one in early January from which I drew this concern about. I've said before that the woman had a foul odor and lower leg swelling, also a lump near her breasts. The condom also broke during sex & I inserted once more w/o protection. I took an anonymous blood & urine test (8-panel) in May 2011 & all results were negative.

I began having sex w/ an ex-girlfriend later that month & stopped in July 2011. I was tested in August for HIV w/ the Ora-quick swab test & the results were again negative. I haven't had sex since but I've developed a bad cough, cracks in my fingernails, lower leg swelling, high fever on almost a daily basis(mostly at night) & just general fatigue.

I went to the doctor yesterday & he diagnosed me w/ a sinus infection, despite the fact that I visited him in September 2011 w/ the same symptoms. He also tested me then but he said everything was ok.Researching online I see that frequent sinus infections are very prevalent in HIV patients & I can't help but think I'm infected just because of the swelling in my legs being similar to hers and all these unexplained symptoms I'm having. Keep in mind I've been frequenting marijuana trying to deal w/ my worries. I haven't told my doctor about my usage but I dont think that's a factor.

I haven't been tested since September & am wondering if the seroconversion process can be prolonged to this point. Help please!! I want to get tested again but I fear the results. I know that's the only thing that will give me peace of mind but I'm fearing a positive result! Any advice is much needed & appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

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