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I went for my 6 week(post exposure) HIV duo test. I am also supposed to test at 12 weeks and 24 weeks as well. I started PEP within 24 hours.

My GF is HIV+ and we had a condom break incident, which is why I got PEP. There was also an instance where I performed oral on her with a cold sore and some other times where I likely had cuts inside my mouth. However I tested negative around 7-9 weeks post exposure with a duo test for these oral exposures.

I got very ill in the start of December and I've had Diarrhea ever since. I'm not talking about loose stools litreally diarrhea where you go 10 times a day and wake up a couple times during sleep to go. I even had a rash my GF said look just like her HIV ARS rash. Obviously the symptoms are likely to be unreleated but you never know.

I know some of you say there are no documented cases of oral transmission however there have been, even female to male. This required a perfect storm so to speak, cuts, openings or sores on both partners aka the males mouth and the females genitals. Meaning there was a direct exchange of bodily fluid.

I read a case study how there have been 25 cases where people never produced HIV antibodies(seronegative but HIV positive) and all of those people had AIDS due to a low CD4 count or opportunistic infections. A range of 2-48 antibody tests were done for those 25 individuals. Considering there are 30+ million people who have HIV and another 25 million or so who have died that's around a 1 in 2 million chance if you have HIV of not producing antibodies. Although there may have been people who did not produce antibodies who were not picked up earlier on in the viruses history or in third world or developing countries. These individuals did not have an antibody deficiency such as CVID. The lack of antibodies was exclusive to the HIV virus.

I also had Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms from my 4 week course of Kaletra and combivir. I've had some of these symptoms previously but it cetrainly got more noticeable.

Despite my symptoms and exposure to someone known to be HIV + I figure my risk of having HIV is very low and I've mostly kept it off my mind.

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