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Exactly about 50 days ago I had unprotected oral with a Thai girl working in massage parlor. I received oral on 3 different occasions over 2 days and on all 3 occasions I ejaculated in the mouth. Beside that I also kissed her and sucked her nipples many times, fingered her and had condom protected vaginal sex but always ended in the mouth without a condom.

Exactly in the 3rd week after the last exposure, I started pain under my left chin and noticed a swollen lymph node. It was round and moves when I touched it. It was painful. Exactly 3 days after that another lymph node appeared under my left armpit. It was yet again painful and was itchy when it appeared. Around same time I had sore throat and a mild fever. I felt strong pain in my left calf muscle during the time I had fever. It was very strong at times and went away in about 6 days or so. The fever lasted about 4 days and the lymph nodes disappeared about after 10 days.

What is worrying me most is about few after above symptoms disappeared I am suddenly seeing a rash on my lower backside (just above my waist). This is mildly itchy and appeared flat and spread. I am now feeling back pain in the same area.

Upon checking my symptoms online, I am terrified to learn that these are symptoms of ARS. I am terrified and afraid to see a doctor to explain the situation. I am married and had sex with my wife several times after these exposures. She also had a very strong fever and a strong sore throat a week ago and only recovering now. I thought it is a normal fever and now she is complaining of some pain in her groin area (possible lymph nodes) but not visible as yet. I am terrified to tell her about these incidents.

Please help me to answer the following questions.

1. What are my chances of getting the infection from the exposures said above? I asked the lady and she told me she is negative and tested about 8 months ago. I asked her about going for testing again and she is reluctant to do the test insisting she is HIV free. Her refusal to take the test is adding to my fear. (I know for a fact that she did HIV tested in last October and was negative - this test was a compulsory test for her as part of her work visa requirement).

2. I know HIV can not be diagnosed based on symptoms. But, do you see anything different here with usual ARS symptoms?

3. My rash is very specific. It is on my backside (just above my waist). Is it normal to appear rash there? Is it also part of body trunk?

4. I am an uncircumcised therefore, I know my chances of getting infection is 50% higher than a person circumcised. Do you know how long survives in the foreskin? and does semen mixed with blood possibly from mouth adds to my risk level.

Please help me with your replies. I appreciate your time and efforts. Please help.

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