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I could really use some advice please! I am terrified!

I have been reading loads of posts but none seem to match my situation only parts so I thought I would ask my question!

Basically I met a lad and had sex with him... We had anal sex which I wore a condom for but I performed oral on him and there was precum which got in my mouth was only there for a a min or two as when the precum appears I usually stop cause it knocks me sick...

We met Monday night at around 11pm we did the deed. Then last night he rang me and asked to go for a drive to which I agreed! He then proceeded to tell me that he was diagnosed HIV+ in February 2012. He also told me that he is not receiving any medication or treatment for it as of yet.

Panic stricken I came online and looked for advice but this was just not helpful! So this morning I went to the GUM clinic and explained the above to the doctor.

I was given the 7 day starter pack of the PeP treatment due to him not being medicated he is a high viral load risk more so than someone that has HIV but is taking the meds for it!

So we worked it out that I was at 60 hours before the 72 hour time limit for PeP and I took my first dose at 11:30am.

Now with the reading online I showered & brushed my teeth before I went out too meet him basic personal hygeine but sometimes I brush too hard and make my gums bleed a little not all the time but sometimes I get a bit carried away and I can't recall if I did that night, it all just seems like a blur.

So I have been given PeP as he is not medicated after 60 hours of exposure, I had his precum in my mouth and I had brushed my teeth...

So my question is what are my chaces of having contracted HIV from his precum? Do I stand a chance of the PeP treatment working? I always to anal sex protected and I dont know many people who will put a condom on someone to perform oral!

I could really use some good advice not just, "what I want to hear" and thats everything will be fine but genuine honest advice or if someone else has had this happen too what was your outcome??

I will anxiously await a reply, thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon!
[QUOTE=joggen;5040800]If anybody is remotely at risk, they will hear it from one of the regular members here.

Your situation isn't any different from hundreds of posts on this forum. You never had an exposure, never had a risk for HIV, never needed PEP, shouldn't have been prescribed PEP, and have overreacted to a no risk situation.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for your reply! The posts I have read have been people who did not know the status of the other person, or woke up the next day with a sore throat and worried they had HIV.

I have had it confirmed he is HIV positive, I know that oral sex is a theoretical risk of getting HIV and not a documented one. But the fact is there is still a risk regardless of how great or small! Although its only theoretical I am still concerned due to him not receiving any treatment yet and the new guidance for doctors with regards to prescribing PeP she felt that the sitatuion merited it to be given to me!

I was hoping she would have not given it too me! This is not something that I wanted and she has put the fear in to me! Plus I would not say I have over reacted to anything a risk is a risk no matter of how small or great it is, I was hoping that someone had been in the same situation so they can give me a personal view on it. But thank you for your response!
No, a theoretical risk is not the same as an actual risk. There are plenty of risk in theory that don't play out in reality.

Think of it this way: in the 30 years of the HIV epidemic, there hasn't been a confirmed case of oral sex transmission. Think of all the episodes of oral sex that have occurred in the past 30 years. Do you really think you will be the first?

More food for thought: there have been studies following thousands of acts of oral sex with a positive partner, and the number of acts that resulted in transmission was zero.

Your doctor was just being conservative; you had no risk and don't need PEP.

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