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Hello ! My story is somehow like yours... I am a person that get stressed of diseases and all time think that i have something..But for HIV i get crazy stressed..I actually Got stressed recently..for an uprotected action of sex that happened 6 years ago...
I am 23 years old girl ,and i had unprotected sex twice 6 years a relationship but that didnt last for long..Since then i didnt make any HIV test...Now 6 years and even little more passed...And i was always fine..of course i got sick sometimes i usually get sick around 2 times the year ,i dont have swollen lypmhs,bt i dont also remember on that time if i had symptoms like this because its so long time passed..Also i had a lot of blood tests many times,all the kinds(except HIV) because last year i had a surgery so i got checked a lot of times..i know the normal blood test doesnt show u HIV but same time i dont know if anything in the blood test could create the need to go test also this(i dont know maybe low whitecells or something)
I read in the forum that HIV gets transmited of course but not soo easy as we think..also i dont know if this person had HIV but he told me he checked and he didnt have and he wanted to make unprotected( i hope he was not of the crazy people who want to make others sick)...
Now my question is...Its been 6 years and i am ok..i know i could cary the virus same time,doesnt mean that i am at lower risk?? Now u ll tell me why dont u go get checked..Well..i m so afraid of a positive result..i cant explain u how much scared of it so i better dont know about it..
but sometimes i think,its been more than 6 years,and i got exposured to this guy only 2 times..same time i dont know if he was HIV positive..maybe he wasnt,but in case he know..sorry my sentences maybe dont make sense but i am so scared..and it happened to me to get scared now..the last 2 years i am hypochondriac..i m afraid that i have tumors,cancers and things like this so often..please replyyyyyyyy :(

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