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Hello everyone,

In a few words I would like to describe my story. This summer (20-25th of September) I had sex with a girl and after that she told me that she was raped earlier this summer (do not know when, I think In the beginning of August). While we were having sex (vaginal) the condom broke and I have pulled my penis out. (So I had unprotected "sex" for less than 2 seconds). When she told me about her horrible situation I started to worry (I believe this is normal). I came back to my country and did my first HIV test (ELISA) 3-4 weeks after the exposure (just to relax for a bit). It came back negative. My paranoia did not stop and I did second ELISA test at the 6th week - NEGATIVE. But after that I had few symptoms (dry cough, swollen lymph nodes, paint in the glands etc.). Well I have decided to make another test (10th-11th week) - again NEGATIVE and again the method was ELISA. But I still have this annoying dry cough and my lymph are still swollen.

I have asked this girl if she had tested for HIV and she told me that she did her test in October (probably mid October). And the test was negative.

My question is despite the symptoms I have, can I relax now after I did 3 tests and all of them came back negative (hers as well)?

*4th week - ELISA -Negative
6th-7th week - ELISA - Negative
10th-11th - 70 days after the exposure (70 days after the unprotected oral she gave me and more than 80 after when the condom broke) - ELISA, again NEGATIVE.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my English, but I am not a native English speaker.

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