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I am a 18 year old straight male who rarely has sexual encounters. Recently i gave blowjob to an older guy here in saudi arabia he looked older than lasted for 3 minutes max and there was no semen but pre *** was involved. Also aftervthe oral we tried to have anal but he failed to penetrate. (I have been penetrated before but what if his penis went in a bit) After 4 weeks 4 days after the encounter i got a sore throat which healed in 3 days by anti biotics 5 weeks after the i remained healthy after that for about 4 days but once i stumbled upon some symptoms of hiv on the net and read about my risk i started freakin out i started sweating really bad and had fast heart rate i also hada really mild diarrhea which might be because i ate really less due to anxiety i had no fever one swollen lymph node on neck its a lump on right side front neck beside upper throat, i have rashes like acne on the forehead(where i sweat alot) i also get tingling itchy feeling which i had before but now its increasedi had canker sores 1 in my mouth lining which healed after eating normally and later another one on my tongue tip but went away after eating normally again for 2 days. I get canker sores when i dont eat much . I went for elisa at 6 weeks(inst answer 3rd generation) which came negetive hiv elisa 1 and 2.Am i infected what should i do to be completly assured . Ps i also had a ciggarette and a pepsi after oral sex(can that affect). And in this period i gave up smoking but started again. And weather in my city is changing one day hot one day cold. And its dry. I gave my blood for tests today 8 weeks and 5 days after exposure. I am feeling realy anxious and stressed waiting for test results please help what are my chances?
Please guys i cant talk to anyone i live in ahyper religious society . Even testing is difficult u r my only guidance
Oral sex is not a risk of HIV as the mouth has over a dozen emzymes and protiens that make the virus inactive. This is backed up with a negative 6 week test that you have taken and proves you dont have HIV.
Thanks apollo!! what about the frottage thing would you worry about it
If the penis went in a tiny bit is that a real big risk ?
Frottage is not a risk for HIV. Only unprotected sex is any concern for HIV buds. Only you know if it went in, but im guessing if it did you would know but if so take a test at 12 weeks but i really would not see the result changing.
It didnot penetrate but the head was pushing my anus i didnot feel pain or the feeling of penetration because i i know how it feels like .
Then you have no risk :)
Thanks appolo . My rational mind is telling me there wasnt penetration but my superstitious mind is telling me what if what if what if! Would you recomend unprotected sex with my permanant partner?
I do trust them but the point is can they trust me? Am i safe for them?
Please reply
[QUOTE=anxietyextreme;5153272]I do trust them but the point is can they trust me? Am i safe for them?

Of course you, you have nothing wrong with you. If your going to be with a partner long term then get them tested before you do, but if not use condoms.
Thanks for reassuring . Actually tommorow i get the results for my 65 day test and i am freaking out my pulse rate is stuck at 95 and higher even 115 highest !! I m in panic
you never had a risk, so dont worry :-)
Hey appolo i m really freaked out every one is noticing rash on my forehead small bumps some red and some colorless five on chest (red) some on back and shoulders. Many on the forehead have crystal particle inside. What are these?
no idea, stress? see a doctor but its nothing to do with hiv at all.

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