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I had a high risk exposure (non protected sex) with a CSW, with unknown HIV status, on 6 December 2012. I never had any sex/ another HIV exposure since then.

On 1 January 2013, I had a very high fever, night sweats, sore throat, chills, and itchy skin, mouth ulcers. A small rash, red, bumpy, appeard on a part of my left cheek and subsided after a few days. All this for 4 days/nights.
On 10 January 2013, I took a 3'rd generation Elisa - negative results.

On th 21 January 2013, a red, maculopapular, burning rash appeared on my face. This lasted for 2 weeks. The dermatologist MD I have seen, told me it was a germ infection, and I took a medication with Fucidin (which made the symptoms of this rash worse). Although the rash subsided, I had very dried skin on the face. Also, my palms presented red spots under skin that subsided in few hours and reappeared in few days. Also, the skin from my palms was circular peelling (it looked like the 'famous', 'classic' picture you can find on Google when you search for 'hiv palm rash').

On 29 January 2013 I took a 4'th generation Elisa - negative results. Also I tested for HCV, HBV, EBV, VDRL, HSV, HPV -all negative.

All this time I developed, along with the persistent sore throat, muscle and joint pain, blurry vision, recurrent mouth ulcers, and headaches. Also, itch skin was part of this mess. Also, I had red/pink blotches (itchy) appearing on my body (trunk, legs, arms) and dissapearing in a few hours.

On 21 February 2013 I took a PCR viral load test (detection limit 20 units/ml) - undetectable result.

All the overmentioned symptoms continued.

On 6 March 2013 (3 months after the exposure) I took a 4'th Generation Eclia - negative.

The symptoms continued.

On 22 March 2013, a red, burning maculopapular rash reappeared on my whole face and subsided at the begining of April 2013. The germ test I took was negative.

On 8 April 2013 I took a 4'th generation ECLIA - negative result (0,13%).

On 23 April 2013 (4,5 months after exposure) I took a 4'th generation ECLIA - negative result.

On the same date I took another PCR viral load test, the result isn't ready yet.

I know that 3 months means 'conclusive test'. But, despite my negative test results, ALL the symptoms continues and don't show sign of subsiding.
I found out (for my horror), that some people (not so few), have very low viral loads during primary infection, so they test negative for PCR viral load test. Also, my face became red lately, I don't know why.

Also, if a viral load is so low, this means the P24 antigen level is low (undetected) too, that makes the 4'th generation test useless.

I have a few questions, if anyone knows:

1. The symptoms of seroconversion (red burning rash, red blotches on skin, sore throat, blurry vision, mouth ulcers etc) last ALL THE SEROCONVERSION period?

If they are called 'seroconversion symptoms', this means they occur all during seroconversion, even the seroconversion is a very long one (5-6 months e.g.), isn't it?

2. Has anyone had symptoms for such a long time and had negative PCR viral load test and negative 4'th generation Elisa/Eclia at 4,5 months from exposure?

3. Have you ever seen a seroconversion rash that appears, dissappears after 1/2 weeks in order to reappear 1/2 months later?

Thank you all...

I just hope I will not be the next 'documented' case of late seroconversion...

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