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Hi, I've made a mistake recently and have become increasingly worried since I believe there may be a chance that I've contracted HIV. I met up with a guy I met online in his place. We walked over to his room, which was very dark, and insisted that he place a condom before going inside of me (I was bottom in this situation).

Nearing the end of the sexual act, I heard what sounded like the condom being stretched. Perhaps the condom slipped, or he took it off. I wasn't able to verify since the room was really dark and I wasn't able to look behind me. He never mentioned to me that the condom was still on even though I asked him, maybe because he was caught up in the moment. Once he finished, he told me he ejaculated in a condom but I wasn't able to verify if he did. I went to the bathroom to check if there was any ejaculate but all I found was that I had gotten an anal fissure from the sex. I wasn't able to find any substance that looked like sperm.

My question is what are the chances of me contracting HIV if he had in fact taken off the condom during sex and given me an anal fissure from the ordeal. He may have ejaculated on the bed or elsewhere since I couldn't find it in me. I'm very worried since I was bleeding a small, considerable amount and his precum may have touched the fissure since he caused it.

I appreciate any answers you can give me.

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