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I recently engaged in risky behavior that I completely regret and am ashamed of. I met with a complete stranger, never asked his status, and was on the receiving end of anal sex. He was only penetrating for maybe a minute before we stopped and I asked him about his status. He told me he was undetectable. While he was inside, he had a lot of precum. After realizing how the mood had changed, he provided me with Truvada which I took and he gave me two additional pills for the next two days. The very next day, I was at the clinic and started PEP. One of the doctors/nurses I saw suggested that although it was a very high risk situation, the threat of infection was low. However, I can't stop obsessing over this and waiting two weeks to be tested again seems like forever, and waiting for 28 days to be up seems like waiting an eternity. So my questions are (and I know there's little research with precum, but) is there a high infection rate through just precum? Again, he wasn't in there long but there was a lot of precum. Additionally, how effective is Truvada and Isentress as taken for PEP. Truvada was started immediately and Isentress was started about 14 hours afterwards. Both will be taken for the 28 day PEP period.
Thank you SO SO much for taking the time to answer these questions and hopefully put just a little bit of my mind at ease. I am going back to be tested in two weeks and then after the 28 days.
There is a sticky at the top of the page about pep, if you want more details.

Pep has been proven to be very effective in preventing HIV transmission if taken early enough and certainly before 72 hours. the sooner you take it, the more effective the treatment is.

In terms of risk and that's really what your asking, well its a high risk encounter. If he has a undetectable VL, then that would certainly reduce the risk, but there is no way of proving his status, but to say he should not be having unprotected sex if he is HIV positive.

Im not sure when your risk was, but you should test 12 weeks after your last dose of PEP for conclusive results. If you choose to test sooner, then a 6 week test after your last dose of pep would be a fair indication of your status.
To me the use of the term "undetectable" implies HIV+. Someone else would say either, "I don't know" or "Negative."

[QUOTE]Again, he wasn't in there long but there was a lot of precum.[/QUOTE]

How did you ascertain that?
Thank you for the responses. He was HIV+ but he told me he was undetectable and that his viral load was .05% or something like that, not quite sure what he was referring to, but it sounded like that was how low the viral load was, not sure because all this is new terminology for me. He made it sound like the risk was very small, but I can't trust him and of course he's going to say something like that to calm me down. Again, he wasn't in there long, but it only takes a little bit to enter.
I know it was precum because I felt his penis before insertion and noticed it and there was a lot.
I started Truvada immediately and started a PEP regiment within about 14 hours.

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