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I am 37 years old person. on 18th January 2014 I had sex with prostitute. During vaginal sex the condom torn. Though the girl said she was tested few days back and it was negative, its not reliable.

I went through my first test (HIV Rapid antibody test) after 10 days of possible exposure. The result came negative. I am working in Kazakhstan which is extremely cold during this period. I was suffering from persistent cough from the beginning of winter, which increased later on. I did not experience any fever but had sore throat which starts within 1 week of the possible exposure.

I went for another HIV rapid antibody test which was just 36 days after possible exposure. The result was negative. After 44 days of possible exposure I again went for another test, this time EIA antibody test (Not Duo). The result was again negative. Since then I was suffering from laryngitis which creates hoarse voice as the days go. From yesterday some rashes appear on my face. Its like the rash coming sometimes after shaving. It is 71 days after possible exposure.
My question: Am I at risk?
Is it possible that Skin rash appear after 10 weeks of possible exposure?

It will really reduce my anxiety.


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