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you are going at this this the wrong way.
you seem to be focused and obsessed over your symptoms.
the problem with your method is
you cannot use symptoms as a tool to detect the presance of HIV.
they are not consistant or reliable enough to do the job
with any degree of accuracy as no 2 people will react to HIV the same way.
so what you are trying to do is simply pointless.

my advice to you is wait and get tested in the appropriate time frame
and until then, stop reading or obsessing over it.
whats done is done
nothing you can read or do will change what happened
and most likely you don't have HIV as
it is not easy to catch and
if you want to travel down the speculative lost waste of time symptom road,
your symptoms are not even HIV specific to begin with...
i know this because i experianced ars symptoms myself
and i know what its like.
you are not even close...

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