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A little over four weeks ago I began noticing symptoms of possible infection. The first week I was having difficulty with urination (frequent need to urinate and slight discomfort after I was done as if there was still more left). I went to the doctor and they tested for chlamydia, gonnorrhea, trich, and any possible uretheral infection. All came back negative but my doctor gave me a prescription to doxycycline just in case there was a minor infection of ureaplasma that wasn't being picked up by the test. The following week I noticed a small cluster of blister-like bumps in my groin genital region. They were not super painful but this began to worry me. The end of week two is when I really started to look up symptoms of stds online and try to self diagnose which has not been very fun. I didn't think anything of it at the time but when the doctor called to tell me about my negative results, he mentioned taking an HIV test in a month. HIV was't even on my mind until this was brought up. I then started looking up symptoms of HIV. The third week I noticed same symptoms with urination and genital sores but now accompanied with feeling run down or tired. Im not sure if this was due to all of the anxiety or if it was a real symptom. I was still able to workout and exercise pretty intensely. But when I was sitting at home alone and thinking about it I would feel spacey and fatigued. Then I noticed my lymph nodes were swollen and this really started to make me nervous. Im not sure how long they have been swollen for but I noticed them in the third week of symptoms. Week four it seemed like symptoms had started to die down except for my lymph nodes, anxiety and questionable fatigue. Now I am in the 5th week of symptoms and I have just developed a slight sore throat and cough. Never had a fever, no headaches, or rash other than the small one on my genitals.

With that being said I did have unprotected sex with a female student at my same college who has told me that she has been tested and doesn't have anything. I had intercourse with her six weeks ago. A week and a half before symptoms. (she is my concern for the HIV given that it was unprotected sex and I'm having these symptoms)

On the note of herpes...Earlier this year back in december. I had protected exposure with a girl who is known to have gotten around. Although I was wearing a condom I know you can catch herpes still. about a week or so after that I noticed the worst blister sores on my groin genital region and was convinced it was herpes. Although my doctor at schools was convinced that it was just probably jock rash or something and didn't think so. Anyways, right before this last stretch of symptoms I have been explaining I had a week where I consumed more alcohol than I probably ever had before for special occasions etc. I have also heard that excessive alcohol can weaken immune system and cause herpes outbreak.

Could these symptoms be from a herpes outbreak?
Are these symptoms conducive of HIV?
Do HIV symptoms happen one at a time over a period of weeks like this?
I am worried sick and feel like my life is over. I can't get tested for HIV for another week and am constantly searching the web and freaking myself out. Please Help, Thank you.

I have also noticed pain in my lower abdomen. I have been feeling my stomach and rib cage area to check for swollen spleen everyday and have been feeling as if I have a swollen spleen. This is adding anxiety because I feel discomfort in that area where it is located

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