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Please help me!
Sorry for my long text. I have a worst case of anxiety.

Im a 25 yr old male.i had sex with a prostitute. It was a protected viginal intercourse. No anal or oral was done. The condom did not break. I saw my *** inside it when i removed. But wen i pulled out i noticed that the condom had slipped a inch from my base of the penis during the intercourse, leaving a inch of penis unprotected. The unprotected inch of penis shaft was dry with out any viginal secretion when i pulled out. After few minutes of (3 to 5 mins) i removed my condom and rinsed my penis in slow water a few times and took a shower after 15 mins with soap. My fear is,did i rinse the virus from the unprotected part of the penis and moved the virus to the tip of my penis through water?. I panic because I'm a uncircumcised man. These complications came to mind after my symptoms start appearing.

Till now after 10 weeks i didn't have a Fever or body pain but had all the other symptoms on the book. This is my complete symptoms on me in this 2 months:

5th day: Had a spicy meal and got two blot of diearea and following a week with loss of appetite and constipation.

6th day: Felt fatigue which continued for next 2 weeks. Cant eat anything felt nauseous. Got really worried and started searching for symptoms literally every time of the day. Had a burning sensation on my face ,hands and armpits.

7th day: Noticed a round 5mm dia red raised rash with central bump below my armpit on my torso. The rash was burning for that day.

8th day: The rash flattened a bit ,became painless, dark brown and also noted a few tiny dark spots scatted around this rash which is only 1mm dia may be like a under developed rash but not burning. The rash is gone now but left black marks.

9th day: Felt extreme thirst ,dry mouth and dry eyes.which did not subside even after drinking water.

10th day: One heat boil appeared on the inner lip lasted for 6 hours. Noticed stiff neck.

11th day: Noticed a white patch on the tongue radiating from the center at the back of the tongue. This was not painful. This subsided in next 10 days to a very minimal level but still sometimes i have very little white spots on back of my tongue. Suspecting oral thrush.

12th day: Had a throat sore for one day subsides completely after drinking a lot a fluids. Back Throat was pale and had pale bulges on it. But the tonsils were never swollen. Started sleeping early at 10 and use to get up early with a panic attack searching for symptoms of hiv and can never go back to sleep.

14 th day: Noticed arm numbness while sleeping. It woke me up many nights. Felt tingling for two days in the next month. Thinking peripheral neurology. This numbness at sleep continued for two months and now (after 10 weeks) i don't feel it much, may be i got used to it. I noticed that my arms and legs go little numb easily than before like sleeping with hand above head, holding handle above head in a train, and sitting on a toilet seat.

3rd week: Woke up with night sweet thrice. The sweating was only on my back of my neck which is not facing fan. Its a little warm here , its 37c during day. This sweating stopped after trimming my hair and using air conditioning. Had individual heat pimples on my body at various places. The fatigue and loss of appetite is completely gone by now.

4th week: Had a mild head ache lasted for 6 hrs. Had two headaches after this mostly due to 12 hrs of computer work of my job. Had one blot of diareah after a heavy meal. Noticed little skin peeling on hand palms. Went drinking hard one night and found a red patch 1 inch long on my left bicep which subsided to zero in two days this might be due to drinking also.

5th week: Checked weight and saw 4 kg weight loss, thats 5% of my body weight.

6th week: Searched for swollen lymph nodes and found two triangular bulges below my jawline and round marble sized thing bellow my ear behind my jawline which is soft and moving. Not sure this is a lymph node as it is paining or tender. But i have a little stiff neck.

7th week: Had a cold. Started with throat sore, runny nose,mild headache but cleared away in 5 days without medication even after sitting on a freezing ac office. But no fever occurred. During this fever i noticed the lymph node under my ear paining for a day.

8th week: Saw dry skin on my face, arms and body. Notice it only in the morning getting up from sleep. Noticed swallowing difficulty when by head is turned to my left. Its like a lump on my throat creating a bump while swallowing saliva but not during drinking or eating. This difficulty reduces to near normal level when i regularly drink water and keep body hydrated.

11th week: i still have a little numbness once in a while. A little stiff neck. Slight swallowing difficulty on left side of my throat. Im having a little sore throat and having a cold. This is a second cold in 10 weeks. Got a red swollen salivary gland on the floor of the mouth.Went to ENT he said it might be a allergy and gave antibiotics. and said there is a swelling below the jawline which might be due to the infection. But i think it was there before it.

12th week: The antibiotics by the ENT kinda worked, The redness and the pain or tenderness of the salivary gland at the floor of the mouth is gone....swelling is reduced into half and nearly as it use to be. But the submandibular gland is still palpable. Still having dry skin and its flaky.

My symptoms disturb me mentally than physically so i was at my work normally without talking a day off.
Im so scared i might have contracted hiv from the only sex exposure i had. Please help me with your thoughts. Im planning to get tested in three weeks. I will keep it posted!

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