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... uld go roughly 10 years with HIV before it inevitably turned into AIDS, and then your life expectancy would be less than 10 years. Back then, life expectancy for AIDS was about 5 years, mainly because many many people did not take the proper medication, or didn't even know they had it until they started getting really sick. ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm new to HealthBoards and I would like to share my story. My first experience with a prostitute was with a transsexual streetwalker whom I picked up to have protected oral sex. This was somewhere in 2007. I was 21 then. Since then, I have had numerous visits with prostitutes, both of the transsexual kind (these were mostly protected oral/anal/'vaginal')... (23 replies)
... If this is the "article" he was referring to, there was a misunderstanding I think. The writer should be saying the quicker onset of symptoms of AIDS instead of HIV's ARS, the more severe and prolonged the symptoms of AIDS instead of HIV's ARS. Either way this should not matter. ... (63 replies)

Ars And Hiv/aids
Dec 3, 2003
... ARS are aids related symptoms... ... (6 replies)
... August she went back to her college and because of long distance our relationship didnt continue much. Now its December and last week i suddenly became afraid of AIDS because of so many commercials on the TV, busses.... ... (20 replies)
Aug 12, 2010
... week range the less likely your symptoms are ARS. Therefore getting symptoms 11 post exposure weeks does sound extrmemely late for ARS symptoms and it would be virtually impossible to get them that late. ... (22 replies)
So frightened
May 12, 2006
... In the AIDS arena, there are many terms tossed about to define people who are HIV+ in order to determine where they fit in the continuum of the disease: "full blown AIDS" is one that bothers me. "ARS" (AIDS related syndrome) is another because it attempts to define that continuum in diagnostic terms. However, for purposes of this discussion, ARS relates to people who have... (11 replies)
Ars And Hiv/aids
Dec 3, 2003
... Hey thanks........I felt so out of it when i had no clue what everyone was talkin about on these boards! (6 replies)
Ars And Hiv/aids
Dec 3, 2003
... Retroviral Syndrome. ARS is what you get when your body is starting to fight the HIV virus. ... (6 replies)
ARS Questions?!
Sep 6, 2012
... I have questions about ARS symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... That was not an article, that was a comment made on this same website that states the following: "A little side note I was told by a nurse who used to live in a South Africa and lived their for many years whom worked with hundred's if not thousands of HIV + patients. That people who get symptoms quicker than the norm usually get very severe symptoms which in almost all cases... (63 replies)
... Quick question, have any of you ever heard of ars symptoms coming on a couple days after exposure and lasting for months? ... (63 replies)
... Their's conflicting reports on the benefits of starting HAART therapy during ARS symptoms or within the first few months of initial infection. ... (13 replies)
... out of 3 people don't have any symtoms or sighns they have been infected and don't realise they even have it until they reach the point of full blown AIDS and by then they would have developed some kind of very rare illness that a normaly healthy and strong immune system could easily deal with . ... (8 replies)
Jan 14, 2005
... however, there have been rare cases where the person went directly into AIDS following ARS. ... (0 replies)
Ars And Hiv/aids
Dec 3, 2003
... Ok, so.... i'm out of the loop,......I'm just reading these boards..and what in the world is ARS and what does it have to do with HIV/AIDS???? thanks :) (6 replies)
... ere is always a risk when you have unprotected sex. there are risks to other things besides HIV like STD's, mono, hepatitis, all sorts of stuff. today is world AIDS day, i suggest we all do what we can to teach and prevent this virus from gaining anymore strength. ... (6 replies)
... however, there have been rare cases where the person went directly into AIDS following ARS. ... (9 replies)
... Are you talking about ARS or are you talking about sero-conversion syndrome? ARS has can happen at anytime, AIDS Related Symptoms and is usually and indication that something needs to be looked at in the body--CD4 drops significantly, sickness in the bowles, etc. The sero-conversion syndrome is what happens to only some people when they convert from sero-negative to... (9 replies)
ARS after 6 Weeks?
Jan 29, 2011
... I know ARS comes only once but my recurring symptoms are just a sign of Progressing straight to AIDS. ... (66 replies)

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