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... trauma, like i bumped into something and cut myself on both hips but wasn't sure. I don't remember doing anything like that though. He said the chance of getting hiv through my exposure was almost zero. ... (8 replies)
... No it sounds like a guilt trip. There is not a single, confirmed case of HIV being transmitted by oral sex alone, anywhere on this planet. ... (8 replies)
... regarding the above activity does hiv transmit this way? ... (21 replies)

... my fiber intake. Two weeks later still had loose stools. Went and gave stool sample no evidence of infection.Day 71 sore neck loose stools! Does this sound like ars hiv symptoms? ... (7 replies)
... AIDS. I know that I should get a HIV test done to test positive my worst fears, but I'm simply too terrified now. ... (23 replies)
... Could I be experiencing ARS symptoms at 10 weeks? ... (8 replies)
... ood were present it would make absolutely no difference. The symptoms that you describe do not even remotely resemble ARS, and despite the popular misconception, ARS symptoms are never useful for diagnosing HIV. ... (8 replies)
... images of it, my rash resembles it a little bit that's why I'm really scared. I don't know if these are razor bumps too. I'll be getting my results from another HIV blood test that I took the same day as I took my rapid test. Wish me luck and please include me in your prayers. Thanks again. ... (11 replies)
... A runny nose isn't a symptom of acute HIV infection or ARS. was your rash itchy? ... (8 replies)
... d up in only a couple days, but returned again, then cleared up in a couple days. This has occurred 3 times. Glad to hear a runny nose isn't a symptom of acute HIV because i had one for like 4 weeks, now i just have a buildup which makes me blow my nose quite a few times a day. ... (8 replies)
... does anyone know if i feel ars symptoms 2 days after sex that last for a week......and then come back 3 weeks later, be hiv related ? ... (2 replies)
HIV ars or not ?
Jan 1, 2015
... BONNE ANNEE happy new year thank you for reply but i wonna know if symptoms of ars-hiv can have or not runny nose with thick yellowish phlegm with other ordinary symptoms as fever mylagia and how much do they last ?? (4 replies)
... said that it was possible to get HIV from oral sex, now i don't know what to do, plus the rash is still there and it's been 3 weeks and a few days. ... (22 replies)
... kraskwhoor you make me feel a bit better, thank you. i went and got my 1 month results today and they said i was negative for hiv but i dont think they checked for other diseases...but something is definetly you are saying that its not ars huh ? ... (2 replies)
... you do not have ARS. What usually happens after first being infected with HIV is most people experience flu like symptoms that come anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months after the initial infection. ... (2 replies)
... o death I only ever was unprotected with one other person my ex of 3 years who I have a son right away I freaked out went online and started looking at HIV and my symptoms matched to a T!! Ugh!! ... (7 replies)
... to calm you down,the odds of you getting infected by hiv are around 200 to 1 and thats only if your partner was positive to begin with,if you don't know if they were or not the odds are even greater in your favor. ... (7 replies)
... apid test tomorrow morning which will be almost 4 weeks after my incident. I am starting to feel a bit better and i read that once you start feeling better from ARS you should show antibodies on a test. A negative here should set my mind at ease a bit and lower my stess until i can do my 6 week or 3 month test. ... (8 replies)
... I was hoping you could tell me somthing to calm my nerves like your symptoms came too soon to be ars or the symptoms come all at once and leeave all at once not just some leave and some stay still for 11 1/2 weeks. I'm going to get tested at 12 weeks but I've been ruining my life worrying about this. (7 replies)
... Hi there, Yes it could be stress, it could be many things, none of them related to HIV. please do yourself a huge favor, stop trying diagnose yourself through self examination. There is only one way to determine your status, a blood test. Nobody here can offer you an online diagnosis, it is not only impossible but would be very foolish of anybody to attempt to do so. ... (8 replies)

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