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... but it was only 5 weeks after the blood draw. The thing that scares me to this day is that I got sick EXACTLY 2 weeks after the blood draw with a very weird cold that lingered for 2 weeks and also some weird symptoms that linger until today. ... (5 replies)
... ONLY after 2 weeks from the Blood Draw. ... (5 replies)
... You're worrying for nothing. If you've ever met anyone with HIV you would know that they take every conceivable precaution to ensure they don't infect anyone else. There is zero reason for you to doubt him. You need to stop seeing potential risk around every corner because unless you have unprotected sex with this guy or share a drug needle with him, you have zero chance of... (3 replies)

... I had a blood draw in San Fransisco and I suspect that the needle might have been reused. This was on the 14th of March. ... (2 replies)
... Has there been any cases of hiv infection from a blood draw in lab setting in the US? ... (9 replies)
... antibody blood test and it came back negative. Woohoo right? ... (37 replies)
Is it possible?
Jan 23, 2002
... it is inexpensive and very sensitive. In most cases, a blood sample is tested. The REAL statistics of ELISA are 99. ... (8 replies)
Can I move on?
Sep 12, 2015
... white blood cell count, hemoglobin, etc. ... (2 replies)
... Hi crims21, Not that i am worried about having got HIV now as I have already obtained my negative result after 3 months(1 Duo and 1 ab only). But I once had your concern as well. I have my blood drawn on my 3rd week after exposure and the result indicated low(shown in red rather than normal black)in Lymphocyte percentage, high in Neutrophil and that the absolute counts of... (6 replies)
... what's going on to limit any potential damage. Tell your doc about your needle phobia and ask for a valium or something to help you remain calm when getting the blood draw. You might as well know for sure. You definitely have something and need to seek treatment. ... (6 replies)
... I just don't want you to be testing for HIV every time you get your blood drawn. It is a waste of time and emotional energy. ... (7 replies)
... son he was at and asking if they have mandatory HIV testing, I asked him if he had it done at that time and he says he isnt sure. He said they did do an exam and draw blood but he didn't hear anything from them about it. ... (13 replies)
... I have had an 11,13,14,17,19,22 week including rapids and lastly the Laboratory blood draw. I know 13 weeks most consider conclusive, but what about rare strains out there that are not picked up? ... (2 replies)
... lol yea i know how you feel about the get tested commercials, knowing is beautiful. I hate those commercials they are annoying. (5 replies)
... Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I just want this thing TOTALLY out of my head. That is the only reason I am going to do the 6 month test. People keep saying 'forget about it, etc. etc.' but everytime I see a commercial about hiv or even about condoms my stomach just turns and my anxiety comes crashing down. It seems like I can't focus on my normal life no more as... (5 replies)
... dont worry man your fine. (5 replies)
... As long as the condom coverd the urethra ( the opening at the top of you're penis ) you should be ok . As far as the needle goes I'm pretty sure they all have the same policies about needles 1) A doctor/nurse will be fired if they try to recap a needle 2)once a needle is used it is conciderd DULL If they try to use a needle and miss the vein it can not be used again they... (5 replies)
High Risk?!
Apr 29, 2013
... No your symptoms do not fit the time frame , nor do they resemble the symptoms of a primary HIV infection and no they do not last for 24 hours. But you should never try to assess your HIV status based on the amount or lack of symptoms you may or may not experience. ... (5 replies)
... gular for you to have infected yourself with HIV. Most of the needle stick contacts for persons who are the medical field occur almost immediately after drawing blood or using a syringe on an infected person. THe other condition for persons to have become infected is through the sharing of syringes in IV drug users. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Kevin thanks for your encouragement was a morale booster, but before i type something more...My sincere apologies as I was going through the exact date since I had that risk filled exposure was near precisely 6 years 10 months since I had that risk filled exposure..since that I never had sex because of HIV fear...with the exception of the oral sex I had with my... (7 replies)

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