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... Does the HIV virus automatically get transferred with the human papilloma virus? ... (1 replies)
... You chances of contracting HIV from that penetration are slim to none. Let me tell you a little story about me. ... (3 replies)
... uts, or abrasions in your mouth. You must be VERY careful, but the risk is low as long as you are protected. Given the fact that her viral load is low makes her chances of passing the virus to you that much smaller. ... (3 replies)

Please help me
Nov 30, 2006
... Hi i am 18 years of age and am very concerned i may have conctracted HIV .......Well it all started about 2 weeks ago when i brang a girl back to my house. ... (2 replies)
... I was wondering what are your chances of catching HIV if you were in a relationship for 3 months and you were tested twice.... ... (1 replies)
Donating blood
Sep 13, 2005
... h the logic. Not knowing about the kind of sex in which you participated it is faulty logic to presume that because you've only had six partners that reduces the chances of you contracting HIV. ... (13 replies)
... mate, thank you for that - even that one sentence is re-assuring, its pathetic in a sense - every time i find a spot, or feel a little off-kilter, or ANYTHING - im leaping onto google, and searching searching searching EVEN WHEN the chances of a man contracting hiv EVEN WITH unprotected vaginal intercourse where the partner is hIV+ is still statistically low! I'm worrying... (15 replies)
... cum. I have never had sex with anyone else but him. What are the chances that I may have contracted HIV from him. I am so scared. How could this happen. I know I should probably get an HIV test, but is it better not to know? ... (3 replies)
Am I at risk now?
Jul 22, 2003
... HIV can live in saliva, but it is VERY rare to contract HIV through oral sex. Oral sex, although there is some risk, is not a very risky act. The chances of contracting HIV through oral sex are slim. And, from what you describe, unless you had open wounds on your body that came in contact with her saliva, I would say your fine. ... (8 replies)
... You have just about a zero chance of contracting HIV from what you say. Certainly not something to lose any sleep over. ... (2 replies)
... The chances of contracting HIV through one episode of unprotected intercourse, although entirely possible, is low. Another point in your favour is HIV was not quite as widespread in 1994 as 2001. ... (3 replies)
Extremely scared!
Jan 14, 2001
... The chances of contracting HIV from the encounters you describe are very low. Unprotected oral sex may be of some risk if ejaculation in the mouth occurred, but the risk is still low. ... (1 replies)
Jan 14, 2001
... to read an article which attempts to give you the odds on HIV transmission per encounter. ... (1 replies)
Muscle ache
Jan 9, 2001
... The chances of contracting HIV via unprotected oral sex without ejaculation occurring are absolutely minimal. ... (4 replies)
Jan 9, 2001
... Providing you used the condom correctly, the risk of contracting HIV from your encounter is absolutely minimal. ... (2 replies)
Am I at risk
Jul 22, 2017
... You were not at risk from that event. You will not get hiv taking a condom off even if any blood got on your penis head which is more your paranoia than reality. ... (3 replies)
... The chances of you contracting HIV from this are extremely small bordering on zero. ... (12 replies)
HIV probabilities?
Jul 30, 2010
... Broad topic here I know. I've always grown up with the belief that if you have intercourse with a person that has HIV then you will definitely contract the virus yourself. I'm starting to learn that this might not necessarily be true. ... (10 replies)
Oral Sex and HIV
Jul 22, 2010
... I'm no expert but having had a HIV test recently I can tell you that the chances of you contracting the HIV virus through oral sex are extremely low. ... (2 replies)
... t has surprisingly made me pretty concerned...probably due to him being my first male sexual encounter. I know I'm being paranoid, but what's the earliest acute HIV symptoms can show up? ... (2 replies)

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