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... Last time I asked there wasn't much information about female ejaculation. ... (1 replies)
... I'm no expert, but figure that if a woman was HIV positive, then it would be present if she ejaculated. It is also there if she doesn't ejaculate. ... (1 replies)
Female ejaculation
Oct 18, 2005
... I would imagine so. The best information I could find is this: "The fluid may contain the HIV-virus but this is killed within seconds after it has left the body and exposed to a temperature lower then the average body temperature. However, avoid accidentally getting it on your lips and in your eyes, for reasons of HIV-protection." (2 replies)

Female ejaculation
Oct 18, 2005
... Any type of vaginal fluid should be suspect for HIV...I think when people refer to these fluids, they mean to include all, especially secretions during intercourse (2 replies)
Female ejaculation
Oct 18, 2005
... There is very little information about the fluid some females expel when having an orgasm. But as it is a body fluid, does anyone know if HIV would be present on it in case the woman is positive? ... (2 replies)
Possible Exposure
Jul 22, 2008
... It's your life and you have only one chance. Stop worrying. Get tested, use condoms and think about you future and your childrens future. (3 replies)
Possible Exposure
Jul 22, 2008
... even if the female is HIV postive. I was feeling sick at what not and she asked if I had stds or AIDS which got me a bit worried. ... (3 replies)
... Please help evaluate my hiv risk. I am worried to death. Would you be so kind and tell me what profession you are in? ... (3 replies)
... Hi would like to ask if there is any difference in risk statistics if ejaculation is involved or not? ... (29 replies)
... The risk you were expossed to, if any, was extemly low. I have read of cases of HIV being transmitted via oral sex but in each case ejaculation of semen took place and these cases are very few and very far between. I have never heard of any case of HIV being transmitted via female to female oral sex. ... (23 replies)
... of related to HIV becomes a "symptom" you have, and after a while, it spirals out of control. ... (2 replies)
... i would be... if you continue that kind of behaviour, you will sure be catching something sooner or later.if not hiv there are other things that are very easy to get. you need to be responcible and aware of your actions or bad things will happen... ... (6 replies)
... If a man had sex with a female commercial sex worker and the condom, although tight, only went midway down the shaft, what is the likelyhood of HIV infection, assuming said sex worker was HIV positive? ... (1 replies)
... The symptoms i have resembles early hiv symptoms. any thoughts on this? ... (5 replies)
... vaginal with a condom until it broke after ejaculation,the female partner was CSW,and i may have been exposed for about 1 or 2 minutes not quite to sure? ... (9 replies)
... immune system, eventually leading to the development of chronic infections or cancers, and death. In its later stages, the collection of disorders resulting from HIV infection is described as AIDS. It is well known that penetrative vaginal and, particularly, anal intercourse, carry a high risk for transmission of HIV. ... (6 replies)
... t there is no such case. Oral sex posses a very small theoretical risk. This risk is so small that it as yet to be documented. The few and I mean few cases where HIV has, apparently, been transmitted via oral sex involve ejaculation of semen into the mouth. ... (2 replies)
... vels as you can imagine, I also feel my head is under pressure, from guilt and shame over the past several days and I only pray to God that I do not end up being HIV positive. I hope the above early symptoms are only attributable to current stress levels. ... (6 replies)
Jun 5, 2010
... and their was no ejaculation so the risk of you catching anything from him considering his unknown status is pretty much nothing. For male to female transmission their has to be transmission of sexual fluid ex. ... (4 replies)
Was i at risk?
Oct 12, 2008
... Your risk is slight to zero. The statistical odds of the transmission of HIV through full blown, unprotected sex between a male and female as been calculated at between 500 to 1000 to 1. This is for full blown, prolonged, penetrative sex. ... (2 replies)

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