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... I went to see my Doctor because I had a question about HIV and Geogrphic tongue. I had had sex a week ago with a guy. Then he comes by and tells me he just had an HIV test and he's Positive. ... (3 replies)
... break out on the tip of my tongue about every 30 days. It fits the description of GT in that the taste buds dissapear in a small patch and as it begins to heal, it seem to migrate a little more. ... (10 replies)
... t even consider oral sex and HIV until 2 days later when my school had an AIDS talk, from than moment on, I have searched non stop and worried non stop about HIV! ... (3 replies)

... I know hiv affects everyone differently but there must be some common pattern or set of symptoms thats common among many that do experience ars. ... (19 replies)
... It was my first time and I was so blinded by lust that I skip the condom. I know Shame on me. Well, recently I noticed Two Spots on the left and right side of my tongue and 1 spot on the bottom of my Tongue. ... (6 replies)
Hiv scared
Feb 26, 2016
... Zero risk buddy. Please accept what we say and move on. We would tell you if you had anything to worry do not. (8 replies)
Hiv scared
Feb 26, 2016
... The only exposure at the 79 days before test it was a french kiss and i recived oral.... I was worried because i have geographic tongue and my tongue bleeds some times when i brush it. You think i needed a hiv test for this? ... (8 replies)
... fice at work makes me feel better too and that it was not just me. I think everyone that has physical symptoms after a sexual encounter automatically assumes its hiv when it can be so many other things. I guess its human nature to always assume the worse. ... (10 replies)
Definitely HIV+??!
Mar 21, 2007
... The reason am I so worried about HIV is because of all of my open lesions, whether they be in my vagina or on my lips. ... (3 replies)
... Its working up the courage to get tested and also facing the embarrasment of going to a free clinic and asking to get tested for hiv. (10 replies)
... yes I've been away for a while. I have not been tested yet. the sexual act was low risk but it was with a high risk individual. I keep hearing that even receptive oral sex carries a low risk and even lower with no ejaculation. There was no ejaculation in my mouth in my case. But its still a scary thought. I've been tired lately and I dont know if its from my depression... (10 replies)
... I saw you posted about HIV in july and you said you were getting tested soon. How did it go? ... (10 replies)
... Well, here's what I think I know. If you are referring to THrush in the same way as you are GT (a term I've never heard before) then I would not necessarily consider it an early symptom of HIV. THrush has a tendency to appear when the immune system has been attacked (significantly so) either through the extended use of antibiotics or the disease itself. Whether or not it... (10 replies)
... and it says GT can be caused by tobacco, alcohol and spicy foods. The web site i read didnt even mention HIV so i hope this eases your mind a bit. ... (10 replies)
... but ended up leaving because I couldnt stop vomiting. The middle of the week, I developed a sore throat and something close to oral thrush. It looked more like geographic tongue than anything. I went to a clinic and she said it wasnt thrush, and everything else looked healthy. ... (17 replies)
... Im sure you're pretty scared right now, as anyone would be, but the chances of you contracting HIV are pretty slim. I hope you stay with us, let us know how it goes, and lean on us if you need anything. ... (3 replies)
Still worried
Jul 20, 2005
... Well I dont think hiv can be passed through kissing and even if you had a sore in your mouth, that wouldnt still be likely unless she was bleeding. ... (8 replies)
Jul 27, 2005
... gh that testing once. I think Anxiety can bring on alot of symptoms. I have chronic throat irritation and chronic tiredness. I also have off and on dry mouth and geographic tongue which has reoccured on the tip of my tongue 3 times! ... (7 replies)
Aug 6, 2005
... ate, it was smaller than the average amount and he didnt do it in my mouth. My symptoms dont seem to follow the typical ars symptoms but the scariest thing about hiv is that it hides among symptoms. Logically my mind say my symptoms, which are very few come from anxiety becasue after 3 months, i'm still experiencing them. ... (13 replies)
Still worried
Jul 20, 2005
... and the reoccurance of the geographic tongue concerns me too. But Ive also heard that geographic tongue is not a common symptom of hiv especially after infection. I read that geographic tongue is associated with stress and vitamin B defeciency. ... (8 replies)

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