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... This is what you said, which contradicts what your now saying? "and insisted that he place a condom before going inside of me (I was bottom in this situation)." So he would not take it off based on what you said, so its not the past and again I state, if he did then you would have noticed. (8 replies)
... bumps behind my tongue. I've had them for as long as I can remember, but they didn't cross my mind until today. They're common, I believe because I've seen them in my relatives. There's like five small ones and one large one. ... (8 replies)
... Your encouraging words are truly saving a life. Thank you so much for your dedication and patience to educate people. I do have to admit, however, it is hard not to overthink the situation. For instance, I am now thinking what if the tip of his penis (which must've had some pre-***) touched the outside of my anus? Would those scenarios also pose a high risk? Given all... (8 replies)

... Apart from all the posts of no risk and in 30 years no one has got HIV from oral sex and thats from more billions and billions of acts i could even think about and the negative tests you had, well if all that has not helped so far then their is nothing else we can say or do to help you and you should get help for your ocd (23 replies)
... If you don't mind sharing, how do you know for sure? (23 replies)
... that i did not get infected in that way. ... (23 replies)
... I've had some results back. It's definitely not Glandular Fever and my CBC and Plasma Viscosity came back normal. I did a rapid HIV test on Monday, which came back negative. ... (10 replies)
... when you go and collect your inevitable negative result, please come back and share to show others in your situation that it is not a risk and you are ok. if you don't come back, then they start to think the worst happened... keep yourself busy and before you know it it will be behind you. (19 replies)
... Feel free to PM me if you want someone in your situation to talk to. ... (19 replies)
... body test done at 28 days and both came back negative. Am I in the clear? ... (8 replies)
... I'd say get tested at 3 months post exposure in order to get a definitive answer. Though, for peace of mind, I might get tested now and again later. ... (8 replies)
... t tonsil, for all I know it could have always been there but Its making me worry, also my tonsils look like they are off center with my mouth. I also have a pain in my neck when I turn to the right and look down. ... (8 replies)
... HIV can been present in precum as well so pulling out really doesn't make a huge difference. ... (3 replies)
... No ulcers or cuts in my mouth. However I did have VERY sore lips around the time this occurred, raw in parts. Although if I recall they had healed by this encounter. ... (10 replies)
... f he ever barebacks that he has before, and he says he trusts people when he asks them their status. Which is INSANITY. He said he was last tested for everything in July, and he was negative for everything, and the last time he barebacked was over a year ago. But unlike him, I don't take people's word for that. ... (6 replies)
... Just because you dont understand about HIV transmission it does not mean your imagination should rule over logic and facts. You didnt have a risk and your tests have proved that. ... (23 replies)
... I don't think that's fair to say... I may be unrealistically worried, but I don't think it's a physical disorder. I've never faced anything like this in my life, and the concept of oral transmission however unlikely scares me. ... (23 replies)
... and he did not ejaculate into my mouth. Traces of precum leaked into my mouth, but that was all. ... (2 replies)
... and he did not ejaculate in my mouth. ... (1 replies)
... Okay hey guys, would like to start by thanking everyone who does a great job in informing and helping others. ... (1 replies)

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