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HIV Ars Rash
Sep 23, 2011
... I was wondering if you guys could inform me on what the hiv ars rash looks like. I'm asking because I have these small red itchy insect like bumps on my right leg. ... (8 replies)
... How does HIV skin rash look like and where does it most affect? ... (3 replies)
... Her rash is like real blotchy in the sense it is large red patchy areas. After seeing it, the rash areas are all red and there are bumpy like spots. ... (14 replies)

... There is only ONE way to determine whether you are HIV positive and that is through a blood test. Self diagnosis is pointless, as is asking for a diagnosis online. ... (4 replies)
... Go get tested, it's only a 1/500 chance of contracting it if your partner is HIV postive (it's higher if your recieving anal, or vaginal) taken from the sticky on this website. I'm pretty certain that most of the symptoms that arrise are in the Acute infection stage 2-4 weeks afther exposure, which lasts on average 28 days. Then the latency stage comes around which can... (4 replies)
... weeks to a month later i got all the symptoms of chlamydia and sure enough i went to the doc and got tested for everything. chlamydia positive. i didnt have any hiv symptoms at the time other than i wasnt hungry for a day or two. stess related im sure. the weird thing is i felt a bit achy, knees and ankles hurt. ... (4 replies)
HIV Ars Rash
Sep 23, 2011
... So I'm sitting in my living "googling more about these bumps on my leg"(Can't help it), whenever I notice a small black spider crawling on the wall. I did sleep on my living room floor the night before the red bumps appeared. So my guess is, this spider is responsible for these red like pimple bites on my leg. (8 replies)
HIV Scare/Relief
Mar 31, 2012
... hey, im going through it now im very terrified. I feel i have every textbook symptom. joint pain in my left leg, rash, cough, had a mild flu last weekend, had a ulcer in my mouth, tingling lips, everything. Its awful. I had an unprotected drunken encounter about 2 months ago test at 5 weeks was negative. its now 7 weeks i am getting tested again this monday. Need someoneto... (8 replies)
HIV Rash Symptoms?
Dec 17, 2010
... Dear Sir, I am male 29, I had 2 exposure one in 1st Aug, 09, it was protected but condom broken with CSW in Thailand... And my 2nd exposure on 2nd Feb,10, that was protected but her period was going on so i notice some blood on condom.  Symptoms:-  About 2 month later (after 1st exposure) i got fever for 2 days and from Jan 10, I got new symptoms like sore troth, dry... (13 replies)
... I appreciate the good spirit in your post but to be honest I'm not just basing my symptoms on what I've read online. Even if I had read nothing about HIV symptoms I would be extremely concerned about my symptoms I would have possibly considered going to the hospital. ... (17 replies)
... itch without rash or sore under left armpit, thigh, genital area, buttock... ... (6 replies)
... that is the FINAL answer as to what your hiv status is. ... (11 replies)
... hello, 1st week of september 2011, i had a brief unprotected insertive anal sex with a guy whom claimed to be hiv negative, also had oral sex with a different man within that week. ... (0 replies)
... ARS rash wouldnt happen this late plus its an all over body rash, and it is normally with a very very sore thoat and very high fever.. so discount that.. ... (11 replies)
... Dear, Despondent, I don't know much about the symptoms you've just described... but, I just want you to know that I just prayed for you. I prayed that you find yourself healthy, symptom free and free of HIV. I believe in prayer, D, and I know that you will be okay. Regardless of the results, I know you will be okay - God doesn't put us through anything we cannot... (4 replies)
... I noticed my leg was itchy and when I looked at it there is some rash too. ... (42 replies)
... Had back leg pain for four days in the forth week. ... (4 replies)
... ts a reaction to the body wash or the jeans i was wearing. I got liquid bandage and applied to the area. It burned like hell. I had another itchy spot between my leg and testicles. Upon touching, the skin just came off in a round shape with a small raised spot in the middle. ... (2 replies)
... Doctor said it is not an HIV rash later, but I thought it was! ... (1 replies)
Rash for exposure
Dec 17, 2010
... Also I there is a small rash patch on my face now when I look... ... (42 replies)

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