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... Hiya, well symptoms cant tell you your HIV status.. but on average they tend to come on a lot later than 8 days. ... (6 replies)
... of cases of Acute HIV develop fever. Could this just be a fluke? ... (6 replies)
... ays I have had real bad flu like symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, sweating, diarrhea, nausea, etc.. I went to a doctor and was surprised to be diagnozed with Pharyngitis because I totally expected it to be the flu what with this being the flu season. ... (2 replies)

HIV Risk?
Sep 19, 2011
... biotics since a month. I have seen ENT, he says its normal pharyngitis nothing to worry about. Also visited a dentist he says the same your ulcers not related to HIV its just stress. ... (3 replies)
... pea sized gland either side of my groin in the crease but that turns out it is my lymph node as i am very skinny they seem fine to doctors. I also suffered with Pharyngitis a few years back also. As my lymph node are still there to this day and knowing that pharyngitits and lymph node swelling is strongly associated with hiv. ... (2 replies)
... i had protected sex but condom was broken down for awhile and we changed it with new one . but iam worried about it so i did hiv anti body test after 36 days . it was negative . ... (5 replies)
... Hi Guys & Gals Please bear with me as it is a long post 1st Exposure -with CSW in March -May 2009(4 encounters with the same CSW),it was protected vaginal and unprotected oral in UK.I had bad sore throat after a week after my 1st encounter.went away afer i took some antibiotics I came back to india my sore thoat was diagnosed as Chronic Pharyngitis(Sore Throat)... (82 replies)
... I had unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex with an exboyfriend for about three months, beginning late May. We got back together during this time period, and he told me he was clean, however, once we broke up again, I am not so sure he really knew for sure. It has been about two months since the last encounter, and I have tested negative after about a month since the last... (2 replies)
... and was shocked to see these same symptoms fitting under HIV infection. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks Apollo for the quick reply however i think my situation is quite different from most of people who have posted about oral sex risk here, the fact is that i got an STD from this, the doctor thought it's chlamydia and other doctor said it's not chlamydia since there was no clear discharge from penis so it's NGU urethral infection. isn't that supposed cause a co... (5 replies)
... Thanks guys, it's just the fact that this is so obviously a viral pharyngitis but that it's has persisted for about 2 weeks now that has been freaking me out. ... (5 replies)
... you are not at risk. you have a better chance at winning power ball in all the states that have it all at once than getting HIV from fingering. people get the flu, or pharangitis and other stuff everyday. ... (2 replies)
... I will see if i can help you out. As far as symptoms are concerned, you cant really equate any symptoms you have to being infected by HIV. Your pharyngitis after only one week i dont believe could be attributed to HIV. As far as i know pharyngitis is caused by a bacteria, so it wouldnt be the direct result of HIV. ... (2 replies)
Mar 28, 2011
... Neither your symptoms nor those of your bf are in anyway HIV specific. ... (15 replies)
... ct me of HIV. Another reason for which I'm worried is that one month later or so after having sex with him I had a severe pharyingitis. Never before have I had a pharyngitis like that. I think it was due to primary HIV infection. I didn't have any other symptoms like fever or rash nevertheless. ... (1 replies)
... ths or something like that and she assured me she was clean and to stop freaking out because it was making her freak out. But I'm still worried, what if I caught HIV from receiving oral? ... (6 replies)
Mar 19, 2011
... To conclude, you had no risk of HIV from what you decribe, but you may want to concider having a full sexual health check, more so for STD's. ... (15 replies)
... I have a question. Is there a way I could have it and not even know it then? I have been having sex with the same person for 7 years and he was a virgin. Hypothetically spoken, could I have gotten the virus before I've been with him and still not even notice? Just wondering cuz sometimes I wonder about that and my friends think the same thing about themselves. (20 replies)
... Additional findings include pharyngitis, myalgia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Symptoms usually develop within days to weeks after HIV exposure and last from a few days to several months, but usually less than 14 days. ... (20 replies)
... Some of the test were performed using Eclia Combi fourth generation HIV 1 and 2. ... (2 replies)

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