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... hi a guy fingered me he had pre cum on his finger am i at risk of HIV? ... (4 replies)
... cum or cum on fingers and finger someone vaginally ? ... (1 replies)

... e of unknown status I have not to be the best of my memory let them ejaculate anywhere near my mouth. However, that doesn't mean that during the act there was no pre cum. I was wondering how 'potent'? ... (1 replies)
... About 3 weeks ago I had sex with a female that I was un-aware of her HIV-status (unprotected, very intoxicated), lets say that she was HIV-positive and i got infected, how hard is it for someone to get it from me if i have unprotected sex and the pre-cum is the only secretion that goes in? (1 replies)
... The CDC says HIV and Hepatitis can be spread through mucus membrane contact with infected fluid. Anyone who says the risk is zero is wrong, but I'm not saying the risk is high. ... (4 replies)
... o and they informed him. Since then I have not heard from him or seen him around like I used to before. So I am guessing he didn't know and is now dealing with HIV himself. The odds are though that he is not doing as well as me. ... (35 replies)
... nfo and they informed him. Since then I have not heard from him or seen him around like I used to before. So I am guessing he didn't know and is now dealing with HIV himself. The odds are though that he is not doing as well as me. ... (6 replies)
... Nope, I am not going to tell you that you can get HIV through oral sex. You, obviously, know everything there is to know about HIV. Too bad the CDC doesn't know it though. ... (17 replies)
... Basically, I recently had a bi-curious sexual encounter with a transexual escort in London which might have exposed me to HIV, and desperately need some advice. There was no kissing involved and the whole thing only lasted for about 10 minutes. We both performed oral sex on each other WITH CONDOMS and NO EJACULATIONS but now Im not even sure that I properly used the condom. My... (6 replies)
... Hello everyone I have a SERIOUS dilemma, and in need of your advice and opinion regarding the possibility of being infected with HIV through an open wound such as an anal fissure. ... (6 replies)
... i think that there is equal risk for both participants no matter how little the exposure. i understand the logic that one insertion and then withdrawn isn't much contact, but if it is unprotected there is risk. i don't know the VL in pre-cum, i think it is the same as it has to do with that kind of body fluid. i hope i wasn't too cold with this post, i just want everyone to... (3 replies)
... cum. Even though people have reported contracting HIV from receptive oral, there are no confirmed cases. No cases of catching HIV from getting fingered either. ... (8 replies)
... cum when he was rubbing on my anus but I did have some small cuts and scratches around my anul. He got cum on my penis head and i dont know if some got in my urithra. ... (5 replies)
... I know how you feel mate. I gave unprotected oral sex without ejaculation, not knowing if there was pre-cum or not. 1 month later I have an infection in my throat (tonsillitis/strep throat?) and a terrible cough. The wait to get tested is absolutely tedious... 3 months? I don't think I can do it. Maybe they'll let me test earlier... Feel free to PM me if you want someone in... (19 replies)
... there not equal concentrations of the virus in pre-cum? Isn't the receiving partner at an equal risk? Hmmm...but I guess since there would essentially be "less" semen in pre-cum, the risk would be this logic correct? (3 replies)
... Hello everyone, I've been extremely worried over the past couple of months about a potential HIV risk. ... (0 replies)
... Hey folks I know i cannot be diagnosed on here however your support would be so appreciated. Perhaps i should start with my circumstances. I'm male, 26 years old and been with my female partner for 6 years. In a stupid, idiotic moment of crazy lust and curiosity i met a pre-op transexual sex-worker for 30 mins of "fun". I sucked his penis unprotected for a few... (19 replies)
... situation. And was curious on how to get passed this. I was recently rapped in my mouth by an unknown male, and its been 4 weeks from the event and ive had ever HIV symptom out there, will i think they are. I just got my HIV test and STDs test back which were all negative, but everywhere i read says 3 months. ... (6 replies)
Think I have hiv
Aug 19, 2010
... No one can accurately quantify the chances of you having HIV factoring in symptoms. ... (8 replies)

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