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... ent to the doctor and was told I had Uticaria. I had it for like 3 months and it just disappeared. I have the same fear as you. I researched it and it said the HIV rash is not itchy. But I don't know. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on this board, so I look forward to their assesments. ... (4 replies)
HIV rash question
Mar 16, 2005
... lot and negative on the nucleic acid test. In their experience, they said most people with this combination do not have HIV. But starting yesterday I got an odd rash on my stomach, lots of little red painless dots, not raised, just under the skin and they dont itch. Now its spreading to my arms and legs. ... (1 replies)
Rash for exposure
Dec 15, 2010
... Ok well I still have this rash on my lower torso it get's itchy it was really bad earlier when I was working out, I've had itchy parts all over my body with rashy patches. ... (42 replies)

... After doing this I read on net that oral sex can also be risk for HIV and It made me so worried and I read more and more about symptoms and other details about HIV. ... (10 replies)
... Thats a pic of a HIV rash. But as you dont have HIV it will not look the same. ... (4 replies)
Hiv rash
Mar 15, 2009
... but don't have hiv. the thing is many other things can cause the same symptoms that hiv causes. ... (2 replies)
Hiv Rash????
Oct 18, 2016
... the rash is not related to HIV, because you never were exposed to the virus (5 replies)
Hiv Rash????
Oct 18, 2016
... I had a sexual encounter with a guy. He said he is clean. But, a week later I developed a rash on my forearms, back and some on my legs and some on hips. I had no other symptoms. As far as I remember, he used protection. ... (5 replies)
Hiv sympton rash
Feb 18, 2016
... Okay can you post a link of a picture of hiv rash mine burns at night (6 replies)
... early hiv rash to understand more about it. How long it lasts, any way to control it, and how it typically looks. Spots, sores, or general rash? ... (10 replies)
... If you had a HIV rash you would know about it mate, so its far to say you havnt. Not to mention im very sure you would notice if somone started to insert a penis into your anus. ... (4 replies)
... about 3 weeks later, I took a cod liver oil tablet, and I got a rash on the side of my body, but this freaked me out to believe it was a HIV rash, im so scared. ... (10 replies)
HIV Ars Rash
Sep 24, 2011
... but yeah case is closed, not hiv rash. ... (8 replies)
HIV Ars Rash
Sep 23, 2011
... look like flea bites or bed bugs? sorry from most cases i've heard, "hiv rash", no such thing really, it don't itches. (8 replies)
... No they doesnt sound like ARS at all! ARS rash is not centeralised but it is genralized and covers most of your body part including torso. ... (11 replies)
Feb 23, 2011
... Hiya, well take it as your negative. The rash was not typical of a HIV rash. ... (14 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 20, 2010
... An HIV rash isn't itchy Ok let me know your results good luck, like joggen said expect them to be negative. (50 replies)
Hiv rash
Mar 15, 2009
... what are the early symptoms of hiv and hw does da rash look like.. im 18 years old.. i had thrush and tinea versicolour.. i got tested twice.. ... (2 replies)
Hiv rash?
Oct 5, 2007
... you cannot diagnose a rash coming from hiv unless you test positive. ... (1 replies)
HIV rash
Jan 9, 2003
... I know this is probably a question that can have many answeres, however can anyone explain to me what the "most common" rash that is associated with HIV infection symptopms look like. Where is it normally located on the body and what does it spread, itch, how long does it last etc. ... (2 replies)

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