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... I had contracted Chlamydia from this awful experience. I got treated for it and was back to feeling healthy as a whistle. Then I started thinking can you have HIV and Chlamydia at the same time. I started doing my own research and read all of the HIV symptoms. ... (1 replies)
Rash for exposure
Dec 18, 2010
... (42 replies)
HIV information...
Nov 14, 2010
... Thank you for the reply. Actually it was protected sex. Used condoms for oral also. Condoms did not come out for sure. I don't think condom broke. I did not check. But when I pulled the condom off,it did not feel like it was broken.How do know the condom is broken the way? Only risk is: I had sex with sex workers. I m so regretful I did this. About the rashes; they r on... (50 replies)

... I understand your comments about seroconversion illness, but nothing she has described here sounds anything like that. I truly believe that she is suffering due to stress and guilt. These two factors alone can bring about the exact symptoms she is describing. What she is seeking here is reassurance. Now that is not entirely possible. There is a tiny possibility that she may... (8 replies)
Oct 12, 2003
... like to point out if any of my questions I am about to ask offend anyone I am truley sorry, and is unitentional,I am about to go get an STD test this week and an HIV test at three months and then again at 6 months . ... (3 replies)
... In the UK the rate of HIV is considerably lower than it is in the U.S so unless this man was from an endemic area the odds are extremely unlikely he has HIV. ... (8 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 15, 2010
... and she's like when you can show me you're HIV positive I'll get tested to prove to you I'm not. ... (50 replies)
... weeks after a possible exposure I developed a rash on my chest. Some spots blistered and were filled with puss. No other symptoms. The rash was around the hair follicles on the chest and lasted for around 2 months in that state. ... (3 replies)
... I had a protected vaginal sex with someone whose HIV status I was not aware of and the probability of her being infected with HIV is more as she is a sex worker. During intercourse I had unprotected oral sex both ways i.e. ... (8 replies)
... A couple days later I had a groin rash outlining my testicle's sac and it went away fairly quick. 2 weeks later a light rash started on my chest, some burning in the groin area. ... (10 replies)
ARS after 6 Weeks?
Jan 20, 2011
... Hiya, for me it dose not sound like a HIV rash at all ( just on your collar bone ). If it was a rash ( HIV ) you would probley be very ill. So im very sure indeed it is not HIV related, but to be 100% have a HIV test :) (66 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 28, 2010
... I can understand some of your worry as the rate of HIV infection among Thailand prostitutes is quite high. ... (50 replies)
... At week 10 I started noticing rash that would come and go, it was like allergy rash, raised rash. ... (2 replies)
Rash question
Jun 27, 2008
... My question is, I have a rash on my penis, I guess it's a rash, I didn't develop it until I started having sex with my current partner unprotected, it's itchy, red, and comes and goes. ... (1 replies)
... indicating that just scratching your skin does not create a rash and that a rash is something that occurs which is relieved by scratching. ... (29 replies)
... Ok this Monday I'm getting tested for HIV it will be six weeks post exposure for me I already have the requisition so I don't have to go to a STD clinic or anything like that. ... (19 replies)
... Hi I am panicing. I think I might have contracted HIV but there is so much information on the internet and misinformation, it's just giving me so much anxiety, I am so scared. ... (3 replies)
... So around 4 weeks ago I had two separate encounters with men of unknown HIV status. One gave me oral sex for around a minute and the other just masturbated me. Neither of these involved ejaculation. ... (3 replies)
HIV or not?
Jan 10, 2001
... If you had protected sex, the chances of catching HIV from one encounter are so small they are practically zero. ... (1 replies)
Hiv anxiety
Apr 6, 2016
... r, I came down with flu like symptoms. My body was aching, head was killing me. Felt hot and cold. This lasted about 24 hours. Then I started to get this burning rash on my face like sunburn. It was shaped like butterfly wings below my eyes and going up the side of my face. My skin became sensitive, esp my palms. ... (1 replies)

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