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Hiv systoms
Nov 4, 2009
... its a ulcer and it goes with hiv i just found out (2 replies)
... Hey guys i have to post this new thread to talk about. I need to know if this could be systoms of Hiv. Sometimes when i am sleeping at night i wake up sweating. Sometimes i get chills when i am just setting somewhere doing nothing. ... (4 replies)
... and she will be fine as long as she takes the proper precautions so don't knock her at all or be afraid at all. and also hiv is not a death sentance if you take the proper care of yourself. ... (9 replies)

... All those systoms are related to stress and anxiety. You ought to looking into reading someof those posts. I know someone with the HIV virus and I tell you I am scared to death to even be around them. I know that is horrible of me but i AM SO SCARED OF GETTING IT. ... (9 replies)
... chance you have HIV . ... (4 replies)
... Our all encounter were unprotected sex all time. After that we parted and she tested negative for ELISA on 7 November 2008.Since that time I got some ARS type systoms like sore throat and red dots on body. To more twist in story I was living with my friend in at the same time and he was tested positive on Elisa. ... (4 replies)
... hey i know what you are going through i am going through the same thing right now i have all the systoms in my mind, i am scared to look at the systoms cause i know if i do i will have them, that sounds crazy but i do. ... (11 replies)
... Girlfriend this is coming form someone who has HIV for 16 years. Go get tested before you assume anything. It is not a death sentence although sometimes you feel like you can't handle it all, you can. ... (7 replies)
... Hi my name is beckie, i was with a guy about a mounth ago, and i am pretty sure i got hiv, i have all the systoms ear infection, muscel pain, night sweats, chills, sores on my hands, tiredness, weakness, all of it anyways i just really want to know what kinds of treament there is like if theres any hope? like am i going to die or like is there a cure? any kind of hope at all... (7 replies)
... could be and it could be not u shouldnt rely on symptoms my friend chills and nightsweats can be from overstress and anxiety over the very fact that u might have hiv and the dark eyelids could simply be not gettin enough sleep from overstress, ask someone if u talk or scream or argue in your sleep. ... (4 replies)
... i had unprotected anal and oral sex with women who status is unknown but one point is that i didnt even reach to point of ejacution of sperm has incident happened for 2-6 minutes on moving train and i was scared to hell has i was imaging some and experincing some illness common to hiv systoms so i met doctor a relating this he explained me every thing told go for test on... (5 replies)
Hiv systoms
Nov 1, 2009
... i dont know but i got a lil bump like looking thing and what i have and you mite or mite not be consider a genital sore i dont im asking ppl and im not geting any answers back (2 replies)
Hiv systoms
Mar 2, 2009
... Do u get a soars on ur vaginal or buttocks dat hurts a little bit? (2 replies)
... progress and reach around 100 frienhieght my mid day and then subside by night to normal or 99.We have done all blood test CBC,TLC DLC Ultrasound and Xraya even HIV 1 and 2 elisa which is negative.His TLC is 8500 and lecocytes 30 percent and netrophys 57 percent done several times no significant changes in DLC and TLC. ... (2 replies)
Oral sex
Aug 25, 2006
... or not. It only lasted for a minute. He only ejac into my mouth a little bit not much i spat it straight out. I had no visable cuts in my mouth. I have had no systoms of HIV or anything!! Do u think i should i be ok? ... (2 replies)
Apr 15, 2006
... i was just worried about if i could get HIV from oral sex. ... (8 replies)
... Hey i have been so stressed out lately all the time. I feel so alone. I have been stuck on this whole HIV thing for mounths i have been tested like 3 times for it. I was with a guy a one night stand like back in July i just turned 18 in october. ... (9 replies)
... ht have sore throat but it does not hurt. i spotted some patches on my cheeks they dont hurt but it red and brownish, and yesterday i got deherrera, are they the systoms of hiv? ... (17 replies)
... months ago and about a lil over a month ago I got a systoms of enlarged painful lymph was only one though and it was where my arm pit was all swallon and red... ... (30 replies)
... Hopefully you're in the negative and if you are pregnant, congragulations. =) Either way, good luck, you have my esteemed regards. (4 replies)

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