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... None of the tests you had done will show HIV....HIV antibody tests are very specific...when you go back in, ask your doctor if they can run an HIV test. ... (5 replies)
... unless there is a reason to be tested. HIV can take years to develop...and without reason to test, this testing is not standard. Unless the mother was HIV positive and knew it and admitted to it, her children would not be tested. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for your advice (16 replies)

... e logical next step. In general, it's unlikely that a heterosexual man would be infected with HIV. Even if he was, most encounters do not result in transmission. HIV is a very fragile virus. I think you should stop worrying about, get tested and seek treatment for your anxiety. That's your real issue. ... (16 replies)
... maybe you have some borderline numbers and your doctor wants to caution you-maybe elevated cholesterol,etc.. And unless you are specifically tested for HIV, you won't know if you have it. (5 replies)
... o call and the receptionist told me that my results are in and all is normal and not urgent but I would still have to come in. The blood results did not test for HIV specifically but other things like hemoglobin level, CBC count and other things. ... (5 replies)
... therefore indicating the possibility of early HIV infection. ... (1 replies)
... Post Exposure Prophylaxis is a course of medication that can stop you becoming HIV positive after you've been exposed to the virus. ... (1 replies)
... I appreciate the good spirit in your post but to be honest I'm not just basing my symptoms on what I've read online. Even if I had read nothing about HIV symptoms I would be extremely concerned about my symptoms I would have possibly considered going to the hospital. ... (17 replies)
... ted for HIV, but I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and will presumably be tested then. For the past weeks I have been EXTREMELY scared about having HIV and it's become an obsession lately. ... (14 replies)
Seborrhea and HIV
May 17, 2010
... HIV RNA yes that's the same as PCR that's what I asked my doctor about when I saw him last I mentioned that and HIV ANTIGEN testing he just wrote down HIV antigen, I could have also mentioned NAT but from what I understand that's quite exclusively used for blood donations.. ... (3 replies)
HIV/Aids Reversal
Jan 15, 2007
... dear jeffry,im an hiv pos person whos known my status for 6 yrs , been on hiv cocktail , numerous ones, due to side effects and needed a change. my cd 4s dropped to right around 200 i nthe beggiing of my illness. ... (81 replies)
... Some of you have seen the movie, "Kids," too often. That's the movie where a girl gets HIV after having unprotected sex ONCE with a guy, and then a guy that has unprotected sex with that girl ONCE gets HIV at the end. ... (28 replies)
... Mass marketed fear tactics have made HIV into the monster it's not. ... (6 replies)
... Buddy you are not receiving professional advice on this forum. There are no doctors, no HIV specialists or experts here. This forum offers member to member advice only. ... (8 replies)
... The hotlines were correct to say this to you. In the same way that not having a rash is not a sign somebody does not have HIV. HIV cannot be determined through the symptoms you may or may not have, I know I say this a lot but there really is a reason for it. ... (19 replies)
... Autologous neutralizing antibodies found more frequently than with HIV infection. ... (6 replies)
... I understand your comments about seroconversion illness, but nothing she has described here sounds anything like that. I truly believe that she is suffering due to stress and guilt. These two factors alone can bring about the exact symptoms she is describing. What she is seeking here is reassurance. Now that is not entirely possible. There is a tiny possibility that she may... (8 replies)
HIV information...
Aug 17, 2010
... a positive or reactive result. There is evidence of this from a medical report a couple years back with an Australian man who contracted HIV in Thailand and the HIV DNA PCR test gave a false negative, one Assay was giving weak reactions actions when they used another assay on the same sample it gave a strong reaction. ... (50 replies)
... weeks and they have a faster progression of the HIV virus. ... (4 replies)

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