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... are most likely from stress, i know when i am stressed i usually break out all over my body, and its happened since i hit puberty, so i wouldnt worry about your dots one bit. hope this helps... ... (5 replies)
Please Help!!!
Sep 21, 2004
... the dumbest thing I could of ever done. After I had sex with this female I noticed the next day that I had little red dots on top of my penis. I was really scared, but I decided not to get tested. ... (5 replies)
... The deed is done, get tested in a few months...its hard right now but try to get your mind off of it. Don't be doing research on the internet, it gets you nowhere! Relax, HIV is a hard virus to get. ... (5 replies)

... Well I was on here early about unprotected sex and getting tested for HIV.... ... (2 replies)
Seems odd
Feb 2, 2001
... ential low risk encounter 2 months ago. It was protected sex, unprotected oral. About a month ago I got a rash, which was very itchy and went away when i put on ointment. It lasted about a week and a half, then went away. ... (3 replies)
... Ok on june the 14th i had called a escort i dont know why but i did just to see what would happen i guess. ... (14 replies)
... with a girl . During the intercourse, I noticed that I had two small wounds on the shaft from rough oral sex. I know that this increases the chances of HIV. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for your response, I do not have a rash as you have described, I have these tiny little red spots about the size of a dot that would be made if you took a pen and touched it on a papper. ... (6 replies)
... d or not, shes pretty smart but i wouldnt assume anything. Ive had a sore throat but i also had a cold from before the exposure, so it could be the cold hanging on a bit. I also had a very odd rash on my stomach, upper legs, and forearms. It was little red dots under the skin that were painless and did not itch. ... (13 replies)
Freaking out
Aug 23, 2015
... small red dots on my feet, may be due to skin rash. I'm tired of checking my body for symptoms, this fear is going to kill me. ... (5 replies)
I hate myself
Aug 19, 2008
... eople may see me as a hypocondriac myself BUT the thing is I've been having really severe symptoms that are a sign of something serious. I really hope their just little things on top of one and another but I think that is fairly unlikely given how I feel. And only I truly now how I have felt over the past couple months.. ... (7 replies)
... ge parlour girl. Probably late 30's early 40's. Biggest mistake of my life. We used a condom, she provided, not sure what kind it was but assuming latex. She was on top then did doggy and finished outside of her. She wiped me with a rag, I left. I stopped at the nearest gas station and freaked out. ... (37 replies)
... Hi I am panicing. I think I might have contracted HIV but there is so much information on the internet and misinformation, it's just giving me so much anxiety, I am so scared. ... (3 replies)
... I appreciate the good spirit in your post but to be honest I'm not just basing my symptoms on what I've read online. ... (17 replies)
Rash for exposure
Dec 17, 2010
... A little update the rashy patch right below my collar bone and at my upper chest went away for that exact area but there is now a raised red dot in that area. ... (42 replies)
Worried sick
Nov 26, 2015
... months ago encounter with a young male of unknown status who while kissing would spit in my mouth. I performed oral on him for about 30seconds, then returned to kissing. It was dark so we moved to a better area, this is when I saw a penny sized purplish spot on his penile shaft. ... (1 replies)
... gave a body massage with her on top and then rubbed me to get erection. ... (6 replies)
... times, and every single time I have sex with her, the day after, I get strange pinkish rashes on my skin. They normally dissapear a day after. ... (2 replies)
HIV Risk?
Sep 19, 2011
... I started feeling some unusual symptoms like sore throat combined with mouth ulcer one at a time since 4 months i had 4 of them all small apthous ulcers on Gums no Gingivitis though, no thrush, no fever few times pain under arm pit at particular point which resolved in two days. ... (3 replies)
... Thats great news on testing negative for STDs. This is not a forum that goes outside of HIV discussion. But I will say that you should go again for another test for herpes. ... (3 replies)

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