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Pain in Armpits
May 13, 2001
... I had 3 or 4 protected encounters with sex workers. However now and after 1 year of this encounter I feel pain in armpits that is pretty much like something stressing them. The pain is in the armpits, and around them, that sometimes flows to the chest and back too. ... (5 replies)
May 6, 2001
... Now and after 1 year, I feel pain in armpits and around them all day long. it is just soreness. ... (1 replies)
Pain in Armpits
May 14, 2001
... the net too much. I notice it goes away if I do not use the computer for a day or two. I have symptoms of carpel tunnel as well, and strssed muscles and tendons in the areas you describe. This could be what you are experiencing. ... (5 replies)

Pain in Armpits
May 27, 2001
... whats up ...hey look im not tring to criticize you but what are you doing having unprotected sex with tricks or any class,race, creed,status in society high class or low class ..hell anyone whether they look to be the nicest cleanest girl... ... (5 replies)
Pain in Armpits
May 20, 2001
... down and read what you can in her books as to how to CLEANSE THYMUS GLAND. She is the only researcher I know about who informs as to a protocol to CLEANSE and RESTORE THYMUS GLAND! ... (5 replies)
... my armpits feel swollen and like a fatty feeling, when i wake up there is like a slight pain in the armpit... ... (22 replies)
... it was protected vaginal and unprotected oral in UK.I had bad sore throat after a week after my 1st encounter. ... (82 replies)
May 7, 2001
... Pain in your armpits is not a symptom of HIV infection. If Lymph node pain is felt as a symptom it is usually all over the body and not just specific to the arm pits. ... (1 replies)
... I dont remember when did I had diarrhea and fever last time...I had been in great good health...even I did not get cough, cold etc...........very strong immune system...but it is over now............ ... (36 replies)
Pain in Armpits
May 20, 2001
... I had those same symptoms for years. I think it has something to do with having had mono at one time or another. I remember thinking that I was seriously ill with something terminal, but after 10 years I'm still here. Believe it or not, my doc told me to drink more water. Maybe it was the placebo effect or maybe my nodes needed flushing, but it worked. (5 replies)
Pain in Armpits
May 13, 2001
... I do not know, but it does not sound like the symptoms of recent HIV infection. If you are worried, consider getting tested (and getting a full STD checkup), but there is nothing that suggests that you have been infected.

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... is after 9 days of exposure I had developed throat infection, and 12 days after I developed swollen glands on my neck which are painful. I was having difficulty in swallowing. And I am having loose stool for 15 days from the day of exposure. I am having low fever 99.2 to 99.6 F which is going and coming daily. ... (5 replies)
Scared to death
Oct 6, 2011
... keeping my arms down. i dont have fever. do you think iam in danger of hiv? ... (2 replies)
... Every single day i have been in the net searching for symptoms ....i have read so much about hiv and aids and people infected ....i was gonna get crazy ... ... (3 replies)
... went to clinic, i no longer felt nauseous, still lost my appetite, but started getting pain on my neck and back, and I noticed my tongue got white. ... (5 replies)
... I don't know if he had blood in his mouth. ... (5 replies)
... It all started in feb 05. I had sex with a girl who I barely knew. I used protection but I also went down on her which I totally regret. ... (14 replies)
... In August i had unprotected sex with a girl that i've been seeing for over 6 months. Then around August 15 the lymph nodes on my armpits got swollen a little bit and painfull without any other symptoms until Sept. ... (24 replies)
Mr. Saleem
Jul 24, 2005
... and vaginal intercourse with a condom. I didn't notice any sort of symptom in my body. After that again I did the same with same lady on Jun10th. ... (9 replies)
... August this year. I shaved my armpits and couple of days later i had a burning pain there which was espesially painfull in touching sertain spot,i didn't know that was lymph nodes i thought it was skin problem. ... (1 replies)

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