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... Firstly, I'd like to say hello to everybody who posts on this particular board. ... (6 replies)
Nov 18, 2011
... and anxiety then passed and life went on until a few months ago when I had a huge infected acne like pimple on the back of my head that was all pussed up. I went to squeeze it one day and noticed another large bump right beside it on the back off my head, it went down in size in like two weeks but has been there for months. ... (3 replies)
... Hey thats great news buddy, and like Smit said, thank YOU for coming back and telling us how you got on, shows a nice little respect, but also helps many people with concerns, that reading your post gives them hope and knowlage about the situation, as like all of us, testing is quite a scary thing. Thanks again for coming back, and fab news on the reasults :) (9 replies)

... oh my god, i just got back from getting tested and the result was negative. I'm still in shock, but in a good way. Thank you all for your comments and support. ... (9 replies)
... if you want to have a normal life.. ... (38 replies)
... LESS when I went to get tested. But I had to push myself to do it because I would never know if there was anything wrong. I had to finally put my mind at ease, and even when I finally got tested, I was going crazy waiting for the results calling the doctor's office like....3 times a day. ... (38 replies)
... you like millions of other people that go to get tested each year have fear. it is normal. it does not mean that because you are afraid of something that you should not face it. ... (14 replies)
... Now I am scared to death of dying. I am being treated for depression. I am hungry all of the time and extremely fatigued. I get so hot at night and break out in a sweat when covered with a blanket. ... (6 replies)
... I than began to finger her, but only for a short period of time. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks (2 replies)
... You have nothing to worry about and I think I can safely say that. 8 years should definately be showing symptoms. You would've noticed SOMETHING. ... (2 replies)
So Scared to test
Sep 20, 2004
... I know how you are feeling. I also went through the whole thing of finding the courage to get tested. I had sex with one of my first boyfriends and we never used a condom. ... (2 replies)
... We have been having unprotected sex for over two years and she just tested negative. Is there any change I can still be HIV positive? ... (5 replies)
... congrats on the result! i have to thank you myself :wave: for coming back here and letting us know how it all turned out. it will show people that just because you had unprotected sex with a known positive person does not mean you have hiv! (9 replies)
... Hey Nicky... just checking on you. The others are right. You definitely need to get checked. The worse thing you can do is not to get checked. I'm sure most of us have been in your shoes before. I have and the sad thing is I have more than once. ... (4 replies)
... I've been too scared to get a test. I've managed to block it from my mind for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Today I received a notice that the doctors is trying to deliver a certified letter to me. I'm scared to go pick it up! If I wasn't tested at the doctors specifically for HIV could they have discovered anything? ... (14 replies)
... I'm a heterosexaul girl, had unprotected sex 3 times. Ive had a swollen painless lymph node in my neck for over a month now (no other symptoms) and from what ive read its one of the early symptoms of hiv. I cnt sleep / am depressed but cant bring myself to get tested, not even been to dr about lump as dont want him to make me take a blood test Dont even know what i... (7 replies)
... but why in the hell it took me over 4 yrs to get tested, I have no clue. I was just scared. I knew I either had it or I didn't. But, I was petrified to find out that I DID have HIV. I didn't want to know I did. Thinking that I did and knowing that I did were too totally different things to me. ... (74 replies)
... if he is HIV positive or not makes the situation a little better....No one can really tell you if you're infected or not, and the fact that he is going with you to get tested is absolutley's great that he cares enough about you to do so...Until then,just try not to get too worried, and try to relax... ... (1 replies)
... (10 replies)

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