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... Cell Count is what is important as well as CD4 count. Although your WBC count is low, if all the cells are fully functioning and are being replaced at a normal rate of speed, then you are ok. ... (11 replies)
... Its not relevant for this forum as it cannot tell you your HIV status and is a symptom of many other health conditions and this forum is only focused on HIV. ... (6 replies)
... my WBC turned out to be 2600 and RBC 45, i also did an HIV test and is still negative. ... (1 replies)

... t seen a doctor at all in several years, and deciding to finally get on top of my health i went in for a normal physical. the blood test came back indicating a wbc level of 370, and now i am worried to death. how likely is this an indicator of hiv infection? ... (11 replies)
... It mite not be relevant the wbc but being told I should hve a hiv is. Yes I have had sex with status unknown. ... (6 replies)
... Wbc is relevant to this forum as a low wbc can be an indication of a virus. A low wbc can be a cause or symptom of HIV. The gum clinic said anyone with a low wbc should have an HIV test. Even though a blood test can't give you this diagnosis it can be an indication of something wrong. ... (6 replies)
... A couple of months ago I weren't feeling too good, slight dizziness and nausea. They did a full blood count and was told my wbc is low which indicates a bug virus or infection. I went to a walk in centre. ... (6 replies)
... I am male, 26 years old. I had unprotected one night stand (vaginal + oral, 4 times in the same night) with a girl . During the intercourse, I noticed that I had two small wounds on the shaft from rough oral sex. I know that this increases the chances of HIV. After five days, I started to notice small red dots on the head of my penis. After few days they become a little... (2 replies)
Symtpoms of HIV
Jun 30, 2012
... Is low grade fever a symptom of HIV than high fever? ... (3 replies)
... Problem is my DOc told me that my ALT keeps coming back abnormal, also my WBC is at 4.0 for last month and hasnt increase at all. MY CRL is up, cause of heart attack. ... (17 replies)
... I am scared that I got HIV from really low act, I mean how bad is my luck . ... (6 replies)
... You had PROTECTED sex, how hard is it to understand that you are NOT at risk from HIV? Is there something you don't understand? (9 replies)
Hiv doubt
Dec 2, 2011
... from this way hiv can transfer ? ... (3 replies)
Question (hiv)
Oct 23, 2007
... and this happend 8 months ago, and i started getting symptoms 2 months ago, so it was 6 months until i started having strange symptoms, if i did contract hiv wouldnt i have shown symptoms earlier? ... (10 replies)
... i deal with panic disorders all the time and i worry sometimes all day long and the main cause of my worry here lately has been hiv , my mom died of hiv back in 1992 and i tell my self all the time 'you've got it , now i havent been sick alot back in 2002 i had a bowel obstuction that caused my wbc to drop to 1. ... (32 replies)
... I started having lower back pain which also felt around groin area and upper thigh. 15th Sep. tested for UTI, VDRL was negative. I wanted to test HIV but there is no such facilities in remote village where I work. ... (2 replies)
HIV exposure
Apr 20, 2014
... an ENT specialist and a dermatologist, they prescribed me some medicines, no effect. So I decided to go and see the doctor at the hospital who manages the local HIV positive people. So I went there, told him what is my case and he ordered urgent HIV antibody screening and a full blood count. It was at 93 days post exposure. ... (39 replies)
... days post exposure i tested ELISA and it was negative... mean time i consulted my doc for diagnosis were i was asked to take a blood test for platelet count , wbc count and a dengue fever check because of the fatigue out of which all came out to be normal .... ... (11 replies)
... is it possible if there is HIV infection with normal blood counts? ... (9 replies)
... Oh yea? But if I am infected wouldn't my WBC be increased/ decreased since my body will be trying to fight off the infection? What do you think? (25 replies)

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