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Hi Natalee, My symptoms started about a year ago, and have really come on STRONG in the past 4 mnths or so. Like you I have been exercising & dieting & just continue to gain weight. It is soooo depressing because I have never had a weight problem before even after having 2 kids. I feel sooo tired most of the time even if I sleep well @ night. I just feel totally drained. I am also very moody & snappy with my kids. That is just not me either. My hair does shed alot! For awhile I was cold all the time, now I have Hot flashes!! My memory has gone downhill & my concentration is about gone. None of these are normal for me!!! I am usually a happy go lucky and energetic person. I went to a clinic several mnths ago, they did blood work said everything was fine & tried to give me antidepressants. I then did some research & thought it might be my thyroid, so I went to an endo. He did blood work, gave me 25mg. of synthroid & made appt. for 6 wks. When I went back in 6 wks, he said it was not my thyroid & tried to give me antidepressants. He also said some people were just meant to be bigger. I told him I know my body & RAN out of there. At this point I was just hopeless. I went to my gyno. for a yearly & told him all the problems I was having. He agreed that I was not depressed & something wasn't right. He tested for everything, thyroid, diabetes, hormones etc. My hormones were out of balance & that causes all of the symptoms. I am relieved to know what the problem was, now just to fix it!! He is giving me progesterone? (sp) to start my period after that start birth control. He says he is optimistic that within a month I will start to feel better on it. If not we will go another route. I hope & pray that this works I feel soooo bad about right now & my self esteem is completly shot!! I look & feel like a blimp!! I hope this helps ya & you find some answers. You might ask the endo to test your hormones too so you don't have to go through all of this!! Now I am just wondering if anyone else has had any luck with birth control helping their hormones??????

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