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Just had an ultrasound today and I have a uterine fibroid that has jumped from 4.3 to 7.8 in 7 mos. I had a hormone test done a couple of weeks ago (blood) and my estradiol was very high 616 with the high range rating of 400 to compare to. Progesterone was low normal. LH and FSH were fine.

I had been to drs complaining now for 3 mos of symptoms and been bounced around from dr to dr though after today I think at least one of them is concerned. I also had a large cyst (fluid filled) on one ovary. My dr. wants to repeat the estradiol tomorrow and I won't have test results back until next week to discuss it all.

I know cysts come and go but if the one found today is so large (I recall technician saying something about 4 cm and I assumed that was the cyst size, not the ovary esp since she asked me if I wasn't in pain) is it possible it has been there for 3 mos and that is causing the estrogen spike?

I had read cysts can do that but I was seeing that related to PCOS and although I suddenly have also developed hypertension and challenged insulin issues (not dx'd at this point with diabetes but was pre on bloodwork) I don't have the other symptoms of hair growth or overweight.

They have not tested testosterone. Should I ask for that tomorrow too?

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