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(sorry this is a long post please bare with me)
ive been having persistent fatigue, muscle/joint aches, erectile dysfunction, dry skin, brain fog and tinnitus for over 5 years now. (im 20 years old and healthy btw) ive been trying to convince my doctors that theres something wrong with me and they all keep telling me its in my head or its anxiety problems or something. i was really persistent in telling them to test me for anything possible that my insurance would cover it but they barley do any testing and send me off to my furthur demise. my heptic panel, metabolic panel and cbc all came back reletivley normal. i finally got a test result that shed some light into my situation a couple years ago (my morning testosterone level was 450, cortisol 10, estrogen 127, shbg 62.)

so ive known for two years that my sex hormones were kindof out of whack, ive seen 3 urologists and 3 endocrinologists since then who all refused to treat me and counlnt even recommend further testing or a better doctor or anything. i finally started doing my own research and started asking about pituitary problems.

the second endo i saw told me to retake my testosterone(for the 5th time, all the levels were 450-550,morning). i asked her to test me for lh and fsh and prolactin but she said my testosterone would be low if lh and fsh were low so it was unnesesary.

so the next day i come in to get my blood drawn and im completly fed up with spending years going to doctors and making no progress, so i went up to request the pituitary tests regardless of my testosterone levels. the endo was off that day so they had me leave her a note and i told her i wanted lh, fsh and prolactin tested and they drew the extra blood and everything.

so she finally calls me after the results are a month late and i left messages for her to call me back every other day for over two weeks to which she never responded, but i finally got my results and she tells me she had them toss the extra blood because my testosterone was fine(in her opinion).

so now its taken me an additional 3 months to get scheduled in to another endo who tested my pituitary hormones. (lh 2, fsh 1, prolactin 8.5). so now i know my pituitary gland isnt functioning right, i have to get cat scans and a bunch of tests to see if i have a brain tumor which is what it most likley is or whether its some kind of infection or an autoimmune disease.

my question is am i in any position to sue my last endo for refusing my tests that would have helped me 3 months ago (if i would have actually listened to her and not been retested who knows i couldve had way more serious complications down the road.) because of my pituitary problems my risk of cardiovascular disease has tripled and so has my risk of oteoporosis. am i entitled to any compensation whatsoever for any of this

i mean, i was an athletic A and B student before these symptoms started taking over my life and within a month i became so lazy and nappy everyday and my grades dropped to Ds and Fs. everyone noticed when this happened to me and all my teachers thought i was on drugs and i was always sent to the office cause they thought i was high on something. since then ive dropped out of school and can barley hold a job cause i can barley stay awake for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.

what do you guys think?

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