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I'm a 36 year old female. I started noticing hair loss in my early 20's and also the growth of facial hair and major PMS.

I've been to numerous doctors and 3 different dermatologists and all have said this was hereditary (though NO ONE in my family has hair loss, etc.) Iíve had numerous blood tests and of course all come back within "normal" range. This is quite frustrating because what is normal for someone else may not be normal for me!

I think one doctor wanted to shut me up, so she did a thyroid test. Since I donít seem to have the ďclassicĒ symptoms of an overactive or underactive thyroid, I was surprised that she said my test came back and it was a little off and gave me thyroid medication without explaining I would have to be on it for life. I didnít take one pill but went back a month later for a follow-up thyroid test and wouldnít you know the medication was working. I didnít have the heart to tell her that I never touched it. UGH! After years of research, tests and talking with the doctors, I had decided to accept my situation and live with it.

As of 2007, I did found out that I have not only ovarian cysts but also fibroids. At this point, I have very little pain with the cysts as they seem to burst in a few months and my fibroids are very small and we are monitoring it.

I had suggested to a doctor many years ago that I may have PCOS, but because I wasn't overweight, she laughed at me. When I mentioned it to my new gynecologist, she also did not think I had PCOS.

I just saw a dermatologist a few months ago in regards to the facial hair and he did some blood work and of course, it came back normal. I had a friend suggest I see an endocrinologist.

My symptoms are:

Hair loss on scalp
Abnormal facial hair on chin and neck
Ovarian cysts

I am not overweight and have not been on birth control pill for years. I have never been pregnant and do not know if I have fertility issues because Iíve never tried to get pregnant. I have regular periods that come each month like clockwork. Iím currently taking St. Johnís Wort, 5-HTP and fish oil to help with the PMS/moodiness.

Would an endocrinologist be worth looking at? I remember how emotional this journey was a few years back and Iím not sure I want to go and dig it up. I think I know when something is not quite right with my body, itís just getting a doctor to believe me.

ANY FEEDBACK would be great.

Thank you!
Thank you for your response, Audrey

I do not have a copy of the thyroid tests that doctor took over 5 years ago.

The tests that you mention, will an endocrinologist automatically do these tests? I'm concerned that they are just going to do the basic blood tests and that always comes back normal for me.

I do know that I'm not anemic. Venturing on my own a few years back, I did do a saliva test and the results came back and there was a definite hormonal imbalance. I do have all that paperwork, but the doctors don't think highly of saliva tests.

I just had my last pelvic ultrasound back in March 2009. My gynecologist said my fibroids are very small and we would just monitor them for the time being. When I do have pain, I was told it was the ovarian cysts and not the fibroids as they are so small. I've been pain free since the end of January. This surprisingly has not affected my periods. They come every 29-31 days and last maybe 3 days, which I'm taking as a good sign.

I've read alot about PCOS and do know you do not have to be overweight to have it. I am just surprised by the doctors I've encountered that have not taken me seriously because I'm at a normal weight for my height. One doctor did tell me that IF I did have PCOS, that all she could do for me was recommend going on birth control. I don't have irregular periods and I'm sure birth control is not going to grow my hair back or help with facial hair.

My hair loss seems to be located on the top of my scalp. Not patchy, just an overall thinness.

I've made an appointment with my primary care doctor to get the referral to the endocrinologist.

Thank you for your all your helpful information on what I should be getting checked. I'm printing your response for reference.

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