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Hi, i had high testosterone and it self corrected after i was on thyroid meds and cortisol supplements to help my adrenal function. I'm hypothyroid and have the auto immune thyroid disease Hashimoto's.

I also had estrogen excess and this had messed up my cycles and led to very bad PMS like bloating and immense breast pain as well as growth of a fibroid.

PCOS is often linked to testosterone and thyroid issues. I've known a few people in this situation and have read a lot of posts where people have had the high testosterone and PCOS. One of my friends had a pelvic ultrasound and the nurse doing the ultrasound picked up on the PCOS and asked her whether she had had her thyroid checked.

A lot of people are on birth control to help their cycles but beneath the surface the BC pills are often doing more harm than good. At any rate, all they will do is mask the real issues. My gp kept telling me to simply go on the pill and didn't offer me any further help. I got sick of it all and finally went to a naturopath who put me on a herbal mix. My periods are now normal, but my estrogen is still in excess and my thyroid doctor is helping me lower it.

The problem with estrogen is that it can end up in excess due to poor phase 2 liver detox. If the liver is detoxing correctly it would be able to get rid of excess estrogen, rather than it staying in our systems and turning into a bad form of estrogen. It's all a bit complex as most things in our bodies are interconnected and once one or two things are not quite right they affect other areas and lead to flow on effects.

The main things to look at are all your hormones from thyroid to adrenal to testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

People with thyroid issues commonly have digestive issues. I myself wasn't able to properly digest protein foods due to insufficient pancreatic enzymes. Some people have gluten intolerance. Some thyroid sufferers have had irritable bowel syndrome which has been linked to hyperthyroid, but is also linked to digestive disorders. Digestive disorders on the other hand, as well as gluten intolerance, lead on to malabsorption of nutrients which is why a lot of thyroid sufferers have been known to be low in ferritin (iron stores), Vitamin D, B12, folate, zince, iodine.

I'm not sure what metformin is, but do know the pill can have negative affect on hormones, i've also read that saw palmetto has estrogenic qualities, so if your estrogen is already high, both the saw palmetto and the pill could be adding more estrogen to your system.

A lot of the above issues, from thyroid, low ferritin, irritable bowel, the pill, malabsorption of nutrients due to gluten/digestive disorder, hormone issues can all lead to hair shedding.

I think you need to cover as many bases as possible and have as many things checked, starting with your thyroid (TSH, FT4, FT3, Thyroid Antibodies) and the various vitamins/minerals, gluten intolerance, cortisol levels and all other hormones. although being on the pill 'might' skew your hormone results. Would be better to go off the pill for a few weeks then do the hormone testing.

Good luck and hope you get some answers :)

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