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I'm currently having quite alot of gynecological problems,e.g. irregular, long and very frequent periods, mild cervical cell changes, pain on intercourse and bleeding afterwards, excssive discharge and internal redness etc. This prompted blood tests and a vaginal ultrasound, which have raised further questions for me but yielded no answers as to the cause of the gynecogical problems!!

One things the blood tests did show particularly was elevated testosterone levels above the normal level for women, so my doc assumed PCOS based on this and my other symptoms, as well as the fact I have adult acne and some abnormal hair growth on chin and chest. However, the ultrasound showed what my doc said were perfect textbook examples of how ovaries should look, they were not enlarged at all and the bumps they have looked exactly as they should. She said they showed no signs of PCOS (this is one case she said that was really clear could not be PCOS) or infact any signs of anything abnormal. As well as worrying therefore whats causing my gynecological problems Im now worried whats causing the high testosterone levels, all google suggests is PCOS or adrenal cancer!!! The symptoms given for adrenal cancer are spectacularly vague and many websites site the only noticeable symptom as often being a particular hormone showing signs of being elevated!! Im now pretty spooked I have this type of cancer.... does anyone know any other causes of high testosterone in women or have it and its nothing at all....

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