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I am not entirely sure that my problems were due to just low testosterone, mine is central (due to pituitary) which makes me a bit suspicious that I have other mild deficiencies. So other people may have different experiences than mine.

But yes, once I was treated much of the brain problems were reduced. I'm an engineer, so those kinds of problems are a real concern professionally. I've noticed that if I stop my meds for more than a few days, the mental symptoms come right back.

Recovery for me was drawn out, thinking, mood and sex improved with in three months, metabolism took longer six months to a year.

PS: I have my three lab results from when I was diagnosed. They were 363, 414, 383. And I was in very bad shape. So a level of 350, doesn't sound very good to me. My typical numbers now are 600-800.

PSS: Have you had other labs done? Usually you should have LH, FSH, and others to suss out whether the cause is central (pituitary) or primary.

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