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31 year old male. Symptoms started about 2 years ago, but they may have been around longer than that. One day I noticed that my left calf muscle had changed tone and I could no longer flex it on one side. The other calf appeared normal. I had mild fasciculations at the time as well. Concerned about ALS, I went to the doctor and he took some blood tests. My ANA was positive so he sent me over to a rheumatologist and a neurologist.

Rheumatologist tested me for Lupus and some other things... everything came back normal. ANA negative after that.

Neurologist performed an MRI of my brain... nothing abnormal found. Very negligible amount of T2 hypersensitive signal detected, no MS or tumors found. Later on, he performed 3 EMG procedures, twice on my legs and once on my arms. No muscular dystrophy, ALS, or any other neurological problems detected.

While all this was going on, the calf muscle and fasciculations did not get any worse, although I started having bouts of fatigue. I also had bouts of mouth canker sores and white coatings on my tongue. Was prescribed mouthwash to fight possible candida. I had numerous blood tests but everything came back normal. Had my hormone levels checked after a particularly long bout with fatigue and my testosterone level was "borderline low". 393 in January 2015, down from the 700's in early 2013. I had gained about 10 pounds since so I started exercising more, eating better, taking Tongkat Ali and some other supplements, etc. Started feeling better. Libido improved, energy levels improved (fatigue much less noticeable and less often), so I went back last week to have my T tested again.... 326. Vitamin D level was 29 (30 is the min). Doctor recommended Vitamin D supplements.

What could cause a huge drop like this? The last two years have been EXTREMELY stressful for me, because I've convinced myself I am dying. Here's where I've been as far as fears are concerned (in order): ALS, MS, bowel cancer (I had quite a few digestive issues as well, but colonoscopy was clear), pancreatic cancer, heart failure (most recent), now I'm back to cancer fears. At 31, my life has become consumed by waiting for my labs results and waiting until I can go see a new specialist. I know I have a lot of anxiety about this, but could that explain why my T levels would drop that much?

What should my next move be? I can self refer now and I'm planning to go see an endocrinologist. Then maybe a urologist. I have an echocardiogram of my heart scheduled for the 16th of March just to make sure my heart is OK. Should I setup an appointment with the neurologist to check my brain again for a possible pituitary gland issue, or would the MRI I had 15 months ago be current enough to rule out that possibility?

Very scared...

Thank you for your help

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