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This is my first post in this area, although I had a total hysterectomy (with ovaries removed also) end of March, 2005. Mostly, my thyroid is giving me more problems than the hysterectomy (I have Hashimoto's), and I also have adrenal glands that don't work well. Currently, I take bio-identical hormones for the menopause symptoms, which are severe due to my low thyroid.

The reason I am writing here is to ask if anyone else experienced total numbness of the entire abdominal area, clear up to the naval, after their abdominal hysterectomy? I wasn't told it would be so extensive, but just assume it would go away after awhile. But, it isn't getting any better - I'm wondering if this is normal? I try really hard to ignore it, but it can be really unsettling if I think about it for very long. I'm also wondering if my low thyroid is hindering the nerves in that area to heal properly? I'm taking thyroid hormone, but don't think it's enough yet - still waiting on blood work.

Thanks for your help - I still have a lot of pain, too, but it's the numbness that is unsettling.


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