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I had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy in March. I regret doing it, but at the time, felt it would be better. The only good that came from it is that I no longer bleed for days on end. It was abdominal, rather than vaginal. I still have numbness and nerve pain on the skin on my entire abdomen -something I never considered, and wasn't told about. My friend had same problem as me (enlarged uterus, numerous large fibroids) but her doc was able to shrink it with some Med and take hers out vaginally. She is fine, but has no thyroid probs to complicate things. My doc never gave me the option of vaginal, so I had it by abdomen, and am not sure my skin will ever feel normal again. I think it is because of my thyroid problems.

I feel that my regular docs messed me up totally. If it weren't for my Holistic doc, I'd be in the psych ward. Had horrible anxiety attacks and hot flashes, chills, shakes, for weeks afterwards. If it weren't for my Holistic doc prescribing my bio identical estrogen and progesterone, and Armour thyroid, I would still be having anxiety, plus I'd be on AD's and anti-anxieties. That was my doc's answer -synthetic T4, synthetic estrogen, anti-depressants, anti-axieties, and sleeping pills.

I am feeling better, but it is in spite of traditional docs and their treatment, not because of them. My Holistic M.D. did not want me to have the hyster, but he was the one left to cleanup the mess my regular docs left me in. He felt he could control the bleeding and shrink the fibroids with bio identical Progesterone. But I was impatient, and had heard from so many women (none of whom have thyroid disease) that they felt better afterwards, so I listened to them rather than to him. I regret that now, and wish I had given him the chance to help me his way.

I don't mean to sound so gloomy, but I really do wish I had not allowed them to take my uterus. But I am very grateful that I have the Holistic M.D. to treat me now. If you don't have that option, then think long and hard about it. Most regular docs, like mine, will not give progesterone after a hysterectomy because they think the only reason to give it is to protect against uterine cancers and since you don't have a uterus, you don't need it. But like my Holistic doc says, you still have breasts and bones to protect. You can still get breast cancer from too much estrogen, unopposed by progesterone. And, you can still get osteoporosis, which I did have, thanks to my regular doctors' treatment. My last bone density in May showed my Osteoporosis was reversed, so I know the Progesterone has helped, and is necessary!!

I also do much better with bio identical hormones. When I was on synthetic HRT, I had headaches, water retention, bloating, irritability, insomnia, etc. With the natural, I have none of that. Everyone is different, and my long-term thyroid disease probably makes me more sensitive but I think thyroid people in general have a harder time with menopause.

Good luck!

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