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I go in on monday november 27 for my hysterectomy. I am having abdominal, cervix removed and ovary kept, as well as bladder lift. I asked about the reasons for removing cervix. Dr said that if he didnt remove it, I could still get cancer, still get periods and discharge and would still have to have paps. Sorry I am not much help.

I have a question for you though, if I may?

About the bladder lift, thats the only part of the surgery I am really worried about. He said I might have to have a cathader in for a few days and at first it will be hard to pee. How was your experience with the bladder and peeing part??

[QUOTE=germanshepherd][SIZE="3"]...... kept cervix and ovaries, and still getting small period every 28 days. I called gyn on this and he said to give it 6 months to see if it stops. If it dosen't, he said I should have cervix removed. I asked before I had surgery of the benefits and downsides to keeping cervix, and nothing was said. Now I find out that a period could still exist because ovaries are stimulated causeing cervix to have a period? Confusing! Needless to say another surgery through the vaginia this time. Anyone out there or could relate to this have this problem and have to go back and have cervix removed? Please let me know, thanks, Tammy [/SIZE][/QUOTE]

It is the uterine lining on top of the cervix that is causing you to bleed. Did your doctor cauterize (burn)the cervix? The uterus and the cervix, although have separate names, are still one unit.

I haven't had my surgery yet but there are pros and cons for either keeping or removing the cervix which will leave you with a vaginal cuff. One is not better then the other, just realize which procedures side effects you can live with.

If you don't mind my asking, how long do the periods last? How heavy? (ex. pantyliner, mini pad, overnight, etc.)

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