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[QUOTE=Pickle Eyes;3850743]It sounds like your surgery went well. Yay! Now, you just need to rest and take it easy. Your body only gets one chance to heal.

I'm wondering why you didn't stay in the hospital overnight, especially since the oral meds weren't controlling the pain. I had an LAVH and was preapproved for 3 nights in the hospital. I stayed 2 and was chompin' at the bit to get out of there. I slept sooooo much better at home, but my pain wasn't under control until about 8 or 10 hours before I was released.

It always amazes me at how different post-op (or even pre-op) instructions are from doctor to doctor. I was told (and have heard from many other women) that they can't have anything in the vagina for anything from 2-6+ weeks. I've read no baths (or hot tubs) for the same length of time. I'm a little surprised to read that you are allowed a bath so soon. Personally, I waited 2.5 months. I was just too afraid of anything from the tub getting up into my newly closed off vagina! ;) I probably could have taken it at 6 weeks, though.

Anyway, rest, take it easy, and allow yourself to be pampered! :)[/QUOTE]

Pickle eyes,

I was approved for overnight in the hospital. I talked with my doctor prior to surgery. I have never really had a good experience in the hospital. I have 3 teenagers and a pre-teen at home as well as a very supporting husband. My doctor knew that I wanted to be released asap. My husband had prepared my room as well as the couch complete with body pillow, candles, heating pad, laptop, meds, remotes and such to make things as easy as possible. The doctor told me if I chose to stay she would see me the morning after and if I chose to go she would call. I have had to take my temp and record it and take it slow but it was actually my choice to leave. I will admit I should have stayed to control the pain a little better but now almost 48 hours post op the only pain I have is from getting constipated. I have taken some dulcolax and praying that works.... Any ideas or things that worked for you?? I was surprised about the bath thing to but honestly the time I feel best is standing in the shower. Have not tried the bath thing yet and will probably give that a couple weeks. The Doc said that the vagina actually heals quicker than the 6 weeks but at six weeks the vagina is stronger and better able to handle the sex. Its nice to hear from other with similar experiences witch is why I chose to post my experience here. I found the board looking for info before my surgery!!! Thanks for posting and again, if you found something that helped with the constipation I would love to know! I have taken dulcolax last night and this morning and increased fiber intake. Other than that? neither has worked so far!!!

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