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I saw my doctor yesterday for my post op visit. I am sorry I don't know all the technical terms of my surgery, but, I have had abnormal bleeding for years. If I coughed too hard, I would bleed. If I was squatting and sneezed, I would bleed. If I had sex, I would bleed almost every time. Anytime I had an exam and the cervix was touched, I would gush blood. So I have had all kinds of tests over the years, never had anything abnormal, including Pap Smears. I have finally found a doctor that is trying to fix the problem instead of telling me to live with it. He has done the freezing, didn't work for long. Recently, he went in and scraped everything to regenerate the walls. He did a few other procedures, including removing a couple pallups. This was all done in August 2012. Everything has been very good, my periods are so light and are so short, I don't even need to use a pad. But.... When I have sex, I bleed more often than not. Not only does it gross me out, but it's humiliating. My husband has been great and very supportive through all of this, by the way. So, as a last resort, my doctor suggested, which we talked about before my last procedure, that I have my cervix, uterus, and tubes removed. At first I thought it wasn't a big deal, until I get to message boards :confused: Any input/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
I have had the freezing, scraping, and plenty of tests, my last procedure being done in August 2012. I have barely had a period since then, so in that case, it worked, but during, and only during intercourse, I bleed. When my cervix gets pushed on, it gushes blood. This started back up approx. 2 months ago. Now, my doctor says that removing my cervix, uterus, and tubes are my next option.
Do you possibly have a polyp on/in your cervix? That can cause bleeding especially when the cervix is pushed on (such as happens during intercourse). Also, a thin lining (which you'd have since you had an ablation) can cause bleeding but don't know if this is more apt to happen during sex versus at other times. Here's some info on cervical polyps -

I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago and regret it.
Thanks for your reply, I do not have any polyp on/in my cervix, All that has been checked. Everything looks fine, just the bleeding.

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